Friday, July 23, 2010


Setting: Very small town diner, very small town.

DD, with our three GRANDS in tow, was heading home from several towns over, and it was getting past suppertime. They went IN rather than hunting a drive-thru, because it was HOT, they needed to find a restroom, and they needed to wash their hands.

She had a look at the menu, then consulted with the children. Waitress stood waiting, after informing her that the “short cook” had already left for the day.

She ordered, hoping that SOME cook was on the premises. In succession, she asked for five child-friendly, everybody-has-em items, from right there on the menu.

These are her requests, followed by the Waitress’ replies:

CORN DOG: Mmmm---NAAAAW. Ain’t got none a that ‘til Monday.

PIZZA: We outa THAT, too.

HAMBURGERS: That might take a while.

GRILLED CHEESE: I might be able to do that.

GRILLED CHEESE WITH BACON: I never thought a that before---sounds GOOOD.

They did, indeed, have their supper---Grilled cheeses with bacon, milk and Cokes, and then they shared a milkshake from the big green whir-mixer over behind the counter, because it was THERE and because they saw the counter-lady filling one of those big frosty metal containers with REAL dips of ice cream before attaching it and letting it spin.
It was all delicious. And memorable.


Kat said...

I know it's not what my doctor (who is wanting me to get my cholesterol down) would want me to order, but...

A grilled cheese and a vanilla shake is what I would have ordered too.


Kouign Aman said...

I'd a just had the shake.