Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Isn't it lovely when something once loved and lost is FOUND again?

I think the very first blog I ever read regularly when I discovered the Internet was one written by a fabulous writer and an ALL AROUND GOOD PERSON.

She was so wonderful that she shared her site with other writers, founding a Colony for women writers and commenters, and after that had run its course, we were ALL bereft, for we'd so enjoyed her tales and her adventures and the way she could make a milk-run to 7-11 into a charming, feel-good story. This woman can WRITE!! Oh, my.

She's not all roses and smiles, for she tells things like they are; she loves fiercely, is loyal to her last breath, and follows The Girls' Code. Her Secret Hanker for Johnny Depp is not a secret, she wrestles with everyday blues and pesky relatives and ordinary obligations of life, and her great horde of admirers would follow her anywhere.

And now she's back, in her original home, her original incarnation---Derfwad Manor. I can't think of anything more welcome than the sight of that familiar face, that familiar banner proclaiming her return.

I know a lot of you come by and peek in on my own favorites over there on the right-hand side, and I know I've not ever steered you wrong---these folks are some of the best on the 'Net.

Please give a look-in to the NEW, the ONLY---MRS. G!!! You'll just LOVE her---I Promise.

It's a wonder I can type with all this Happy-Dancin' going on!


Tonja said...

Keep, on dancin', my friend! I will go and check her out right now. Yours is a recommendation I would have much faith in. Thanks!

suzieQ said...

I was just reading your post on Dear Daisy Cottage and I had to write to you. I use all my best things...why save them and just pass them along without enjoying them yourself. When I am out junking, I will pick up a special glass, bowl, or whatever and it becomes a special treat using it to eat some of the same old boring things.That was a special memory you made for your grand kids.

racheld said...

AWWWW, Y'all!!! What nice things to say!!!

And susieQ---I hope you come back---you can see our enjoyment of the sherbet dishes on quite a few breakfasts right down the page from here, on the birthday posts in June. It was one week-long celebration---good thing, because the rain made us move the actual birthday party indoors. It was still great fun.

Thank you for coming all this way just to comment---what an honor!!

Mrs. G. said...

Sniff. Thanks for this. I'm glad you lead me to it in your comment. You are one of the most articulate and creative commenters around!