Sunday, July 12, 2009


We've got COMPANY COMIN'!! Little Sis will be here tomorrow. . .

And so began the great long post that I sent sometime around noon. Nothing came up but the title, and I hope this little snip will at least let you know I tried, and will try to make time this week to post during her visit. I hope she'll get me all in gear to post pictures easily and find some other places, and generally get acquainted with all the bells and whistles that this space affords.

I look at all the beautiful blogs, with effortless pictures and three screens and "click here" taking me to magical places, and I just blush with ignorance.

Anyway, I'll try.

Until----moire non,


Southern Lady said...

Rachel, we use the "bells and whistles" to make up for what we lack in talent in other areas, such as writing. You don't need bells and whistles and pictures, my friend. You have your glorious way with words which is a hundred times better.

Best wishes to you and your sister for a truly wonderful week.

racheld said...

Thank you!! She's great fun, and we hope to have a lot of time to talk and look over old family pictures, as well as just enjoy the breezes of the patio and the restful quiet of the arbor.

And maybe go see Harry Potter!

Mrs. G. said...

Have fun with sis!

Indy Cookie said...

Isn't company just the grandest thing!? How I wish I had your way with words...I wouldn't need so many pictures!! Yours was one of the first blogs I visited upon my return home!!!

racheld said...

We've had a lot of fun already, with wine and nibbles on the patio, then we ordered vast quantities from our favorite Chinese restaurant.

The only hitch was that our BabyGirl waited til after supper to go get Mr. Joe. We all tried to keep up with her in a shimmyshake across the kitchen, but we were all too full to dance much.

Indy---so glad you're back!!

Mrs. G---as always, it's an honor to have you drop in.