Monday, July 13, 2009


I don't know how many of you follow in the "Comments" section, but one reader is often checking in, adding her sweet Southern voice to the conversations.

Tonja, whom I met when I also chose the name "GATHERINGS" for the name of my blog, lost her Mother yesterday, very suddenly and unexpectedly. My heart goes out to her family, and I send her my deepest sympathy and prayers for all of them in this time of sorrow and of celebration of a wonderful, well-lived life.

The love and respect for her Mother came through in all Tonja's writing, and her words showed the true depths of their loving relationship. I wish her comfort and peace. and know the memories are full and wonderful.

One of her many loving tributes is here:


Kat said...

Sweet post Racheld! My heart hurts for Tonja and her family. I know they have faith though and will hold tighly to it and to each other.


Tonja said...

Thank you, dear friend. Thank you.