Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm gonna channel Suellen again, with grimaces and gnashings, as well as a particularly unattractive pouty downturn to my lips, as I screech: "Y'ALL ARE ALL GOANNNE!!" "You done RUNN OFT!!!"

Something I did yesterday has disappeared ever' one a y'all into whatever ole black hole that grabs up stuff you really wanted to keep, and flings it out in bits and bites into that great beyond, to be mourned and grumped over forever.

I go up and down my neat little list-to-the-right every morning, and several times a day, just to see who's posted and what bright things I might go and partake of. And when I see that "2 hours ago" or "nine minutes ago," it's like opening the mailbox to find a sweet-scented letter from an old friend, with good news or an invitation and maybe pictures of the family. And now NOBODY'S here!!

I still have the whole list over on my profile thing, (I hope, I hope) with tempting little snips and pictures of all of your stuff just sitting there, like the crumbs of a yummy cake, saying "nyah, nyah" to my can't-get-there efforts.

It's gonna take some doing, and I have a little girl here to "help" today, so the getting you all back to rights may not happen til the wee hours of quiet tonight. And the only way I know to do it, is how I started---just cut and paste everybody's URL, one at a time, til my board is filled again and my heart not grimped and bereft.

Y'all just talk amongst yourselves, and don't do anything fun til I get there, OK?

Wanna hear a nice lady say a bad word? Didn't think so. Pooo!

PS: Anyone---ANYONE who'd like to add their URL in a comment, or zip me an e-mail, I'd love to have it!!!

PSS Later today. After midnight. I think I've got most of them, but I've been squinting and editing and moving stuff around, afraid I'd lose all I'd just done, etc. PLEASE, if anyone was on my list that I lost (the lost list of the listless), and you're not on the new one yet, I hope you'll chime in and let me get the URL back---that little clicker was often the only way I had to find folks. I've enjoyed my little ventures into lots of blogs and columns and sites, and have bookmarks that roll down the screen like those cartoon Santa lists.

And I'd love to add some new friends, as well.


Keetha said...

Oh, dear. That is no fun! I'll be thinking good thoughts!

Nail said...

Oh NOOOO! I know how much you loved keeping up with your "company" on your site and I'm very sorry that happened. If I know anything, I know your sweet hubby will come to your rescue before you're left totally alone in the vast wilderness...
I had so much fun at your house and wish I was still there talking over coffee. You think at the time that you've "talked it all out" but now here I am back home and still got more to say and remember. I'm also sad that I forgot to pack those pictures that I laid out to take..maybe next time.
Anyway, I love you THissssssssssss much and will talk to you later...Baby Sis

kittrellphoto said...

Southern Lady said...

Sorry to hear about your blog list, Rachel. You can find me at --

Indy Cookie said...

Oh NO it's a "ya'll come back now" moment!! Crossing my fingers for you.
I will actually be gone for a while, though. Dad is not doing so well and I'll be down home without internet for the next week. Take care - I look forward to catching up when I get home!