Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'll be out today from very early until about noon, and wanted to get this up and ready in the night, because I've been given a lovely compliment, in that another blogger asked if she could write a bit about LAWN TEA, and link it, so her readers could look in. It was such an unexpected and kind thing to do, and I'm honored to be mentioned on a site that I enjoy so much.

There was a Broadway song back in the Fifties that went, “We be-long to a Mu-tu-a-a-l Ad-mir-a-tion So-ci-e-ty . . .” And I though of it immediately yesterday when an e-mail from my friend Janie at Southern Lagniappe arrived.

I’ve long had deep admiration for this fellow Mississippian whose bright, far-reaching photos of “Back Home” kindle nostalgia and longing and sheer delight in her work, the slideshows accompanied by just the perfect music. It's easy to just sit here and listen, looking my eyes full of scenery and flowers and children and historic sites. Her blog is a wonderful glimpse of another place, of many times, and I can walk right into the pictures of places remembered, places only familiar, places I’ve really never seen but that feel like home.

She looks in here, as well, quite often, and her comments are so sweet and gratifying, as she calls my posts “painting pictures with words.” And then yesterday, I received an-e-mail which was so very unexpected and flattering; she’s featuring this blog on her post today, and linking it for her own followers to look in on.

And this IS a bit of lagniappe, this out-of-the-blue proffering of such generosity and honor, which causes a smile and a glow of happiness in the receiving and in the having.

Rachel, here is a draft of my post about you and your blog. I wanted you to see it before I publish it, in case you'd like to correct or change anything. I found it hard to express how much I enjoy your writing, but wanted to share it with people who haven't discovered you yet. Let me know if you'd like me to change anything before I publish it. I also took the liberty of editing your header photo, and hope that's okay.


That’s just the loveliest thing, like recommending a book she liked, and as not many people actually “follow” here, I appreciate her wish to share my words and stories of the South. So I thank her from my heart, and add a link to her own blog, which will just blow you away with its intricate simplicity and beauty and such a gifted eye---anyone can focus and click, but Janie truly SEES through her lens and translates it to page as effortlessly as breathing. I told her that seeing the “new post” sign click on is WAY better’n the “HOT NOW” light at Krispy Kreme.

And it’s just that addictive.



Southern Lady said...

What kind words and appreciated words about my Southern Lagniappe, Rachel ... as only you can so graciously put them together. Thank you.

Tonja said...

Rachel, You certainly do deserve to be read by many, many people. I so love the way you take words and combine them with other words to get the 'just right' description of your subject!
Congrats on being featured at Southern Lagniappe.