Sunday, May 11, 2014


My roses are white today, and ever will be, but the cheery pale teapot full of pastel tulips upstairs on the brunch table awaits all of us at noon.    Lovely aromas of onion and peppers frying for the potato dish, the good homey scent of thick bacon, and the toasty notes of English muffins for the Benedict all mingle from Caro’s kitchen upstairs, to say Welcome and Happy Mothers’ Day and I Love You.

 We'll gather in a bit and hold hands and give thanks, for our blessings are great.

Sending love and roses and PRAYERS for each and every one of you, my faraway family and friends.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Dearest Rachel,

How wonderful to be gathered with your family on such a special day as Mother's Day. You and they are indeed blessed with the love that so clearly binds you all together.

No matter the chocolates and is all that counts.

Caro said...

I so enjoyed spending this day with you.I love you so very much.

Happy Mother's Day!!

steelersandstartrek said...

I hope the day was as beautiful for you and your family as it was for ours!

Kisses to Caro and O!

Dorothy said...

What a lovely post! Family gatherings are wonderful!

donna baker said...

Love to you too, Rachel.

Chesapeake said...

How many young people today are taught the significance of red and white flowers on Mother's Day? I remember going outside on that Sunday morning to try to find a red flower to wear...Now mine is also white.