Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Our Dear Caro outdid herself on Sunday, setting out the most splendid brunch I think we’ve ever had---everybody’s “favorite thing” was on the buffet, and it was all perfect.


The tulips were the tiniest of buds when she put them into that old McCormick Aladdin teapot on Saturday night, and by morning in this windows-open house, they were blooming their little hearts out. 



The dishes are our Spring Plates---they had a little sticker that said “Chop Plates” when I picked them up at a roadside flea market years ago, and they’ve served on many a colorful table since.   I’d like to know what they are, if anyone knows---I can’t find anything like them online.



The buffet was served on an old dresser, amongst the usual lamps and candlestands and leftover-flowers-from-last-week, a tiny watering-can of petunias from Sweetpea to Caro, and even a little unnoticed container of birdseed.



We had Eggs Benedict---good hearty Bubba version of the dish, with peppery fried eggs, awaiting the anointment of the Hollandaise and the piercing of those golden yolks to form one of cuisine’s perfect unions.   The sauce was the one thing I did make, the 3-2-1 method that uses three ingredients and takes just a minute in the blender.



My favorite---thick spears of poached asparagus, still firm and bright, and eminently dippable.  Small nuggets of filets mignons, one of Chris’ favorites, as a savory counterpoint to all the rich fare.



A cushion of crispy potato-shreds, done in the wok and flipped left-handed in the air to float perfectly back into place as we all watched amazed.   Golden peppers and onions add their savor as a topping.

An unexpected plate of French Toast, christened "absolutely scrumptious," by Sweetpea---crisp and tender all at once, like a lovely sweet vanilla butter-crust all around a creamy pudding center. 


A cake stand of pastries from her store, by my request---the Pineapple Danish are my favorite.  And that IS a little fridge-dish down there---just because Paminna Cheese.


Sugared Strawberries for the French Toast and that sumptuous lemony sauce---that’s been the Hollandaise Boat since I can remember.   And the St. Andre’ and Roquefort, along with their Marconas and a lovely honey-currant granola, were left for another time.


We had a laughing, talking good time, staying long at table in the Sunday sun, remembering and talking and just savoring the time together.   I so wish you could have all been at that tiny table, up there in the sun, with all the good food and laughing and love.   You’d have been SO welcome.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:

This all looks utterly scrumptious and we are certain tasted totally delicious. Indeed as we write this our mouths are watering particularly as there are so many dishes on the buffet which we love. As for homemade Hollandaise sauce......too, too divine, and with the asparagus, well.......

We are so pleased that you had such an enjoyable day together. The sharing of food is, we think, one of the nicest things that there is to be had and when it is as good as this so obviously was, perfect.

And next year we should be delighted to host the party here - simply come with your baskets full!!

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear Rachel,

Hello. What a feast to celebrate Mother's Day! I thought your spring plates (or) "chop plates" are very colourful and cheerful at the same time to decorate your delightful table.

The delicious looking plateful of Eggs Benedict and French Toast (in Scotland, we have got a humbler name - "Eggy Bread") make me simply famished.

What a wonderful time it must be to gather with one's family together and share food, conversation and laughter. Above all, how marvellously lucky your family is to have you - someone who has such a way with words that it makes everyone who has a privilege to read your writings smile, possess one of the liveliest imaginations and one of the prettiest wits, your charming company will always be a treat to anyone who is lucky enough to sit next to you.

With best wishes,


Chesapeake said...

Delightfully presented, both words and pictures, as we expect from our Rachel.


steelersandstartrek said...

Dang! What a spread!


Dorothy said...

Everything look so inviting and delicious! I know a good time was had by all!

Chesapeake said...

Was just asked by Ben to make reservations for early August. There will be 5 of us for brunch, okay?

Alycia Nichols said...

WOW!!!!! This is some spread!!! I think I just gained 10 lbs. by just looking at it! What a beautiful way to celebrate! All of the food is from the heart, and it's apparent you were touched by the gesture.

The asparagus was of particular interest to me. It is the most beautiful color! I guess it would behoove me to learn to poach it. That would be a welcome sight on my husband's plate...right alongside some of the fabulous filet mignon!!!

Enjoy your weekend, and thank you so much for visiting my place earlier today!

Kim S. said...

How did you all get those tulips to stand at attention? Mine dip and swirl like a pitcher of snakes! And re: chop plates – Andie at eG would certainly know. And I don’t have to say it, but I will because it’s true – your Caro is a treasure. Her heart seems to encompass everyone, but still stay special and true to you. What a blessing you are to each other.