Tuesday, May 27, 2014


A sunny moment as we move onto the cusp of June---two of my favorite “entertainers,” though they could each and both be called Maestro.   Just the recent learning that such a consummate, immensely gifted actor could have such a sweet depth of talent for composing music---it’s like learning that a quiet relative who makes his living carving exquisite furniture also  plays weekends at Carnegie Hall.

I’ve lately become addicted to the sweeping melodies and flowing pastels of Andre Rieu’s orchestral presentations, getting lost in the grace of another time when the music just swept us up into a magical place.   Sometimes I sit here, caught in the notes, as the glow of this screen is the only light in the midnight room, and I’m transported through the lens of my childhood viewmaster, into those fairy tale vistas so bright and vivid and enchanting.  It’s as if Belle and Cinderella and all the Princes Charming took up their shining instruments long learned at the feet of fairy masters, and gathered in the palace for an evening musicale.  

And now to find that my favorite Terrifying Teddy Bear has all these exquisite melodies spilling from his heart and hands---I’m just smiling to think of it.   I smiled all the way through the piece just now, and wanted to share it with you.

Do have a moment with Andre Rieu presenting Sir Anthony Hopkins’ composition AND THE WALTZ GOES ON.   And I dare anyone, even the most regal, staid Mama and Papa Charming, not to sway a bit in that spindly gilt chair.



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel,

Well, how extraordinary that Anthony Hopkins composed this delightful music. It is so difficult to get Hannibal Lectar out of one's head and an orchestral composition in its place!!

Yes, we two were swaying along with the rest. And, so charmingly touching to see AH and his wife sharing a kiss. He really is a softie at heart!

Is there a composition inside all of us.....?

racheld said...

Yes, I think there is---mine would probably e a shamefully-plagiarized mongrelization of many, many arias and waltzes and tiny movements from all the things I love so much, along with a few rock-n-rollin' bars just cause I can't keep from dancing.

Thank you two for your generous, sweet faithful following along as I stumble my way through all the thoughts that just have to get out of my head and through my fingers. You've been the most delightful of guests and such witty, kind faraway friends.

So glad you're back!


steelersandstartrek said...

... and mine would doubtlessly start out as a poignant love song but all too quickly deteriorate into something bawdy and suitable for a tavern. Entropy, we has it.

The Child sent me this vid clip a week or so back, I was also intrigued by its "robust simplicity." It has a way of entrancing the listener like a tarantella while purposely not taking itself too seriously.

Thanks for reminding me to play it again! And again.... and again.....

Chesapeake said...

Oh, my, Rachel! Wonderful music and wonderful performance. Sir Anthony seemed as entranced as the rest of the audience, as if it were the first time he had heard it. I am always in awe of anyone who can hear music in their heads and then write it down so the rest of us can enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Southern Lady said...

What an enchanting evening ... especially for Sir Anthony! I loved watching him as he listened to his music, completely enthralled as if he was hearing it for the first time.

I can't help but wonder why he wasn't sitting front and center, though.