Saturday, May 7, 2011


It sounds like such a little, insignificant thing, but this Mothers’ Day holiday has kindled a memory of when we lived way down on the coast of Alabama, a little more than twenty years ago.  Our church had a small “satellite” church out in Montana, which was under our wings, so to speak, in prayer and support.

They were an hour behind us in time zone, so in our Ladies’ Sunday School Class every Sunday, we had a special prayer for them at beginning of class, then had a quiet moment just to reflect and ask a special blessing on them, unsaid, but just a little something which might brighten their day.

For some reason, I always prayed for any woman who perhaps at that moment couldn’t find her child’s shoes.  With that kind of delay and hindrance, she might have been kept from the services that morning, and thus all her family miss the blessing that might have been in store for them.  

I have no idea if that ever happened to be the case, but thinking from the standpoint of a Mom of three who worked six days a week, I knew the struggle it took to get the young ones to Sunday School on time every week.     I understood that just the frustration of so small a thing as a missing shoe, which might put you into a state of mind that even if you find the shoe, get everyone dressed, and get there, on time or not, you might not be as open and receptive to the blessings of the service as you’d hope.

That was so small a thing to think of, but on this weekend of honoring and remembering our Mothers, I pray that no mother is hindered in her great and wonderful task, merely by something so simple as a lost pair of shoes.

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Patsy said...

No prayer is to small for God to hear.
That is a good one I remember the lost shoe agony with my childrem on Sunday.