Wednesday, May 21, 2014


We’re debating taking down the table, putting on the spring covers, adding a floral swag over the door from the kitchen, and since this has been the scene of MANY of our loveliest times for the past year, we’re not really ready to part with this wonderful setting.

These are most of our brunches and dinners up in Caro’s half of the house---some planned, some splash-decided on Saturday night for Sunday brunch, some quick-fired when one or another mumbled sleepily up/down the stairs, “Shall we have brunch?” or "Have you eaten yet?" and both started calling out what we have handy to cook.   Mine was usually “Got the Grits and the Gravy!  I’ll do the asparagus/bacon/slice some ham!”

 And Caro’s---as always, a masterpiece of convivivial conjunctions of food and conversation and what-goes-with-what.   She makes up all her meals for the week on her days off, and keeps her fruit and salad and yogurt handy in the fridge, along with all the Tups of nice dinners.

She put up the table for Thanksgiving, as there were just the three of us, we took it down briefly for our Christmas tea gathering, then we've met often, both planned and impromptu. 

Christmas Morning brunch:

The square dish holds the leftovers from a fabulous Cheese Ball, made by DDIL for our Christmas Eve gathering the night before, and that similar dish in the background is tiny fingerling potatoes from same, rinsed of all their rich  sour-cream-and-butter sauce.   That delectable fruitcake loaf and the dried figs on the plate were a surprise parcel from our dear Lil and Ben.

New Year’s brunch:

Our UnSuperbowl Party (downstairs, this time, as we watched a movie while we munched and just checked back on the game occasionally).   I'd gone through closets and shelves looking for "Team Colors"---Peyton's gone, but never forgotten---and isn't it surprising what you can unearth in the most odd combinations:

Ham, Grits and Gravy Brunch for Chris’ Birthday.

There was a Valentine one in there somewhere, but can’t find the pictures. 

Dr Seuss’ Birthday---she made a Chicken Pot Pie---we DID have green peas and devilled eggs.

 Isn’t that the most perfectly Seussian PYE you’ve ever seen?   And see---over there on the bench---that's The Sneeches and Other Stories, one of our very favorites, often read, more often quoted.    After dinner, I read them The Bippolo Seeds.   We like to read to each other, and we all love Dr. Seuss.  (Sometimes after one of these reading sessions, I unthinkingly speak in it for an hour or two, to much levity and teasing).

Another COLD night she made some scrumptious Asian chicken with peppers and pineapple, some fried rice with bean sprouts, and a bowl of deep, dark soy/sesame mushrooms.   I made the rice---wow.

A March snow called for Chicken and Dumplings, green pea salad and creamed corn, with fresh pineapple for dessert.

A little plate with cheese ball and tomatoes to nibble as the dumplings simmered.

Another cold and stormy night:  Pork roast with glazed pineapple, baked beans, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce and pickled onions.


St. Patrick’s Day Brunch on Sunday:  A lovely pot of Steel-cut Porridge, with Turbinado sugar and honey and a little moat of cream, along with Irish Bread, butter and cheese and some thick bacon.   We "made our moats," consulted our fortunes, and checked out the chocolate coins in the Pot of Gold.

Crispy leftover baked potato nuggets topped with soft-yolked eggs and scrambled eggs.

St. Pat’s dinner:  Corned beef, cabbage, little potatoes, beets, bread, cheese and several mustards.  

Our Easter Lunch was on Monday, with Chris’ wonderful ham, mac and cheese, Asian green beans, devilled eggs, beets, baby carrots, and a snappy salad with mandarins and an orange vinaigrette.

Served in the old Grandma's Kitchen way---from the kitchen counter.

Only two to go, if anyone’s still here.   Pasta night, with Farfalle Bolognese, Linguini Alfredo, and crudite.

Cinco de Mayo:  Chicken Fajitas, Quesadillas, Rice, Pico de Gallo, and Guacamole. 

A fun dessert of stuff to dip in Mexican Chocolate sauce.

And right back around to Mothers’ Day---overtold below, as well. 

I wish you all good gatherings, good talk, good food, good folks to share them with, and I SO wish you could have been here for every one of these.


Caro said...

Every time I think about taking down the table, I think of all the fun we've had and all the times to come... and so the table still stands.

I've enjoyed all the bringing together each of these meals, even if it as just fried chicken on a Mon. night.

Just think... Father's day is just around the corner... wait, National Donut Day is next ?? week??? Guess the
table stays a while longer :-)

Dirty Martini Queen said...

I want to be invited over to share in those wonderful yummy meals. The table should remain just to remind y'all of all the laughter, fun and fellowship you enjoyed around it.

donna baker said...

Rachel, I don't think the queen eats better than you. It looks luscious. I am too lazy anymore to cook like that. Only on birthdays and holidays.

racheld said...

Ahhh, Sweetpea! I KNEW you've make a way to keep the fun going.

DMQ, you'd be SO welcome, and I think the affair of the table has been settled, quite to everyone's satisfaction. It IS small and not in the way, and we really enjoy it.

Donna---I certainly don't cook like I used to---we're seldom together for breakfast or lunch, and Caro's usually leaving for work as we sit down to dinner, so these times are really special. We bring out old recipes, and try new ones, all because of the together factor, I think, where I'd grab cottage cheese and a tomato and call it brunch.

These times together are really special, in the company and in the food. And I can tell you without a doubt---there's no queen on this earth who is treated more kindly or lovingly than I am.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I wasn't hungry..but boy, oh boy am I hungry now. I seldom remember to take pictures of our food..but they really do make a nice post, don't they. I loved this. I want some of everything...okay? :):)

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning dear Rachel, I am soooo glad I came to visit this morning. Your post has me smiling very big. It is a wonderful insight to your lovely holiday celebrations with a cozy meal. Sharing the planing and cooking is the best. What a lovely way to have delicious holiday meals with love and laughter around the table. We serve most of the meals we have from the island. Our 9ft harvest table is very narrow and there is only room for the table setting.

I only wish I could be there to enjoy the awesome food and good company. The table should stay!!!

I love your post as always.

Kim S. said...

A ‘Seussian PYE’ indeed! Caro is a wiz! And now I’m starving for something good and rich and real. And all I’m planning is omelets, salad and refrigerator pickles. Sigh.