Sunday, February 26, 2012


Inspired by the sunshine, the dozen pairs of sheer curtains still in the package since Christmas,  and the words of a wonderful blogger, I’m headed upstairs to take-down-the-old and get ready for the new.

From Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things: 

I have this made-up theory that detours me from housework--if you can't do it all, don't do any. Don't cross stictch that on a pillow because it will get you no where in life. I think big a lot--sometimes too big. As in, any attempt to clean house must include full overload. I want to do it all in one day--every room, every cupboard, every floor, and if I don't have one 8-hour block of time dedicated to extreme home makeover, I often think "why bother?" I also have this other theory about cleaning--if you're not "feeling it," go buy something new for your house. Don't quote me on that one either because it's just really bad psychology, and our economy doesn't need that kind of thinking. And, for the record, I'm not talking a new fridge for inspiration. Something little--like a dish towel or a candle. It's based on that whole "If you give a mouse a cookie" philosophy in that a sweet new toss pillow might just make you want to make your bed. And then pick up your clothes. And then rearrange your room, dust your dresser, frame new pictures. I once dusted every mini blind slat in my bathroom, spurred by the purchase of new guest soaps.
   The wide sunny windows should take on a lighter, airier flair when we hang their new, gauzy petticoats:

 The sitting room upstairs still looked mostly like THIS last Spring, a little too dull for the NOW:  

What I’m hoping for is a newer, brighter, neater look with the new whiter-than-white sheers---the old ones ARE ten years old, and unbelievably grey when held against them.   That should make a still-cozy but Springified refurbishing of the reading corner when we're done.

(Sans recycle bin, of course---how did THAT get there?)

Of Further Developments, moire non.


jeanne said...

Rachel, new sheers will give you a lot more sunshine and happy smiles when you see them.

I loved the very funny House work thoughts from your blog friend. I even get what she is saying. HA! Oh, if only we could clean our whole house from corner to corner in one day. Dream on...

Happy days to you my dear friend.
Love, Jeanne

jeanne said...

PS. I commented on your previous posts in case you don't look back. You know I always catch up when I can.
XOXO Me again

jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I too LOVE birds and your stories are so sweet. A cute bird with a culinary opinion. HA!

I love cardinals, they are such pretty birds. Since we had a bear on our deck who totally destroyed our bird feeder($60), we are thinking about trying again but taking the feeder in at night. We live next to a wild animal preserve. We miss the beautiful birds that would feed on our deck.

Enjoy your darling bird.
Love, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

I love the look of weightless white sheers. Especially on a breezy day when they puff into the house and smack onto the screen when someone opens the front door! I dearly love that sunny corner in picture #3. Perfect for long summer afternoons with a glass of tea in one hand and a funeral home fan in the other!

Beverly said...

Did you do it? Have you hung the new sheers? I want to see.