Friday, February 17, 2012


An errant ray of sun is peeking through the haze of the kitchen curtains, past all the gnarl of the leafless grapevine, and the yellows of the waiting coffee corner are brightening the whole room.

We seem to be accumulatinig cream-and-sugars at an astonishing rate, and the creamer today is the "Hollandaise Boat," for the big cups require more milk than a usual one.

And Frog and Salamander are also bright little companions almost every morning, for their gaudy camo is a match for pert nigh any china.

You've just GOT to make the most of a day with a blast of sunshine and such a lovely little vignette, arranged by the hands of Somebody Who Loves You, to greet you with First Cup.

And a BRIGHT, BEAMING happy sunny weekend to EVERYONE!

PS   Sweetpea and I went for a long walk after breakfast, crunching through piles of pine needles, avoiding the mud of dippy sidewalks, plunking rocks over the bridge-rail into the little creek, and coming home to a pot of cocoa.  The sunshine and chill mingled to make this first "real walk" of the year a pleasant one.


Denise :) said...

Oh what fun -- love that bright, sunny yellow on the creamer and sugar set! Glad you enjoyed such a sweet walk! :)

Southern Lady said...

Just reading about your bright day made me smile and brightened mine. I know you are looking forward to many walks with your little Sweetpea this spring. It's just around the corner, you know!

jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I love the sunshine that comes from the cream and sugar bowls and your sweet walk with Sweetpea. I adore when my hubs makes my coffee in the morning.
Love, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

I just LOVE that flirty little cream pitcher!