Saturday, February 25, 2012


Here’s MY morning greeting today.  It’s sorta a composite of a lot of subjects---the usual flirty little cream and sugar, the big ole heavy green cup that reminds me of fragile lilies of the valley, despite its size and heft---even though the impression of actual flowers is slight, I always think of them, and imagine I smell that elusive fragrance---the design could well be an image drawn in a sketchbook on a lazy Summer day.

Then there are the frog and TWO salamanders---I don’t know quite WHERE Lucy came from; she just appeared last week, snugged up to Larry as if they have plans for the future---if not a DATE, then at least an understanding.

And the raptor---well he’s been hanging out somewhere over in the vicinity of the toytub, left behind by our littlest after their Christmas visit.   That child’s paleontological knowledge is ASTOUNDING for four, and his interest in dinosaurs has been unfailing since I can remember.
  Occasionally the little figure makes his way upstairs, to be found hanging on the birdcage, or lounging nonchalantly beside the can of seeds, or after Christmas, standing threateningly close, peering like a candy-shop kid into the cloche holding two little carolers and a street-lamp.   You could all but see the fear in their faces. 

And all this little tableau makes sense, in our own round-about way:

We got a new (well, technically a used one) canary for Christmas.   He’s a little sweetie, knows his name, loves the sunny spot when you open the front door to the afternoon beams, and would absolutely kill himself eating crackers.  We have to limit his bites to a tiny corner a couple of times a day, and that smart little dude will take the bit from your fingers, hop over to his little tub of seeds, and stick the piece vertically down into the middle.   It’s like planting a tree in sand, and he’ll stand there and bite off bits til it’s all gone.   Guess he doesn’t want to lay it down and bother with getting a mouthful of seeds with each nummy bite.

So, this morning, after Chris did the uncover/feed/water/whistle-a-while routine upstairs, I can just SEE his mind mulling the possibilities---and so my coffee-setting today.   After I moved Green Guy and checked my cup for crumbs, we settled into a nice morning.

Hope yours has been lovely!!


Patsy said...

How cute!

jeanne said...

Rachel, you captured a very cute photo. I like crackers too. HA!
Love, Jeanne

Maggie McArthur said...

Just delightful, Rachel.My Nana always owned a canary, and I loved every one of them.

Kim Shook said...

Love this! What a wonderful morning surprise. Something like that might get even MY lazy butt out of bed in the morning!

AND you've given me a vague idea for a post.

Jess said...

I do love the cream and sugar pots you have--very cute!

Beverly said...

Mornings sound like good times at your home.

You reminded me of something. My son used to love to spend the day at my parent's home when he was little. They would open the garage door, and play inside and outside all day. There was always a lizard in their garage, and my son named him Skinny Albert. Keep in mind, this was in Fort Lauderdale, and there are lizards everywhere.