Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Since there's been so much trouble with the "Comments" section, and since it takes me about three times of sign-in-and-give-password before I give up on trying to comment on anyone else's blog, as well as an average of six sign-ins in order to post a daily post on my own blog , I'm going to take a little time off from posting.

I've been meaning to take a little Down Time, so I think now is the time.   Perhaps when the difficulties are sorted out with the blog-site, things will be easier and more pleasant---right now, it's not fun, and WAY more work than it should be.

I'll still look in now and then, and my e-mail's in my profile, if you need me.


Beverly said...

I understand, but just remember we will be experiencing Rachel Withdrawal. Why? Because we all love our Rachel.♥

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I am so happy when you visit. Your comments are like a ray of sunshine. Enjoy your time out my friend. We all need it to gear up for the next posting ideas. Smile.

I'm so glad you are enjoying my Maine posts. There will be lots more coming. Today we stayed in all day. The rain and wind were pretty strong. The next 10 days will be cool but sunny.

I finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha. I couldn't put the book down. Now, I want to see the movie because we missed it when it came out.

Take care and I look forward to your return.
Love, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

I understand completely - I have no idea when I'll be getting around to updating "Fresh Hell". And while all the technology has been working just fine for me (crossed fingers AND toes), I remember the frustration when it WASN'T! Please know how much you are loved and how much you will be missed. By the folks who post and those who don't. I am a 'ghost' at many blogs - the hosts don't have a clue who I am, but how I would miss them if they weren't there! Love you.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

NEED YOU??? But of course we need you! I do! Thank you for your precious comment on my last post. Don't stay away too long...I know it's a bummer...we are all having problems.
I don't ask for one of those scrambled letter things when people comment on my blog, because they seem to be part of the slow down. It just adds one more step to the dance...and to me...not needed. I don't anything all that precious that someone might want it.
Hurry back...and don't stress.
Getting away is good. My time away was frightening..but I needed down time too.

LV said...

I understand what you are saying. It has been very frustrating for me as well. I could not comment for awhile. Seems I am okay now. Enjoy your time away and come back with some fresh ideas,

Maggie McArthur said...

I understand totally. We'll miss you like mad, but that's the life of a blogger.

Alice said...

While you are away, Rachel, I'm going to read your entire blog from start to finish ..... I have some chance now that you won't keep getting further ahead of me.

Take care, dear.