Sunday, May 8, 2011


 My first greeting this morning was the bright breakfast-table light shining on this beautiful yellow-and-bronze rose.   And on the computer screen, this picture, which it took my unaccustomed eyes a moment to assimilate, for I'd never seen this cream and sugar before:

It was all set up in the coffee-spot in the kitchen, bright and cheery, ready to wake me with a sunny glow.
The ducky's little left wing is a tiny sugar-spoon through a notch in the lid.    This ought to make for some cheerful coffee-times on Spring mornings.

We just got back from a Cracker Barrel breakfast,  courtesy of DS#1 and DDIL in MS; we completed the fun by stopping out at the little pond to Frisbee all the bits of leftover pancakes to the ducks and geese.   I'd used them all up for the dozen or so big guys, and had got one foot back into the car, when I spotted the tiniest little wake, then a wee sprig of a head, full steam ahead, paddling for all he was worth---one little duckling amidst all the quackery crowd.    He'd somehow got left behind on the far shore when they hit the water full blast, heading for the handout, and he'd worked so hard---I just COULDN'T let him get left out.

I retrieved the unopened packet of Cheez Nabs I'd seen in the handle-cup of the back seat, and scattered smooshed crumbs all around him in the water like a shower of orange confetti.  

Nice morning---we were surrounded by Mothers' Day celebrations, just us quiet two, and enjoyed all the other festivities going on around us.     Caro and Chris and I will have a simple dinner at home or out this evening, and tomorrow night, the whole group is taking me to dinner---I'd better go try to decide where.

Happy Day to Everyone!


Nail said...

Happy Mother's Day Sweet Sister! Glad your day is bright and happy. I had breakfast in bed this morning and this afternoon we are going to a little town about 70 miles from here to a community theater for a local production play. I thought it sounded like fun and got us all tickets. Should be a great afternoon with my family. Hope your day gets better and better with your family.

Love and kisses!

Patsy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Marlene said...

Rachel, it won't matter "where" you dine. You'll be with your loving family. Hope you have a wonderful 'nother Mother's Day.

Chesapeake said...

Happy Mother's Day, my friend! Can't see you soon enough!

Tonja said...

As I read this story about the ducks, I found myself smiling...because, I knew exactly what you were going to do. No way you would leave that sweet ducky with no treats! I knew it! You have kindness in every fiber of your being! I'm so glad I know you. You lift my spirits and make my heart happy!

PS.....Ian said that he put a previous post thingy on the single posts. Let me know if it still doesn't work.

Southern Lady said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day, Rachel ... but then, EVERY day is lovely at your house.

Best wishes for a happy day today and a memorable dinner celebration tonight, wherever you spend it!

Kat aka Beachkat said...

Awwww...sounds like your Mother's Day was special...just like YOU.


Kim Shook said...

I love your sugar and creamer duckies! Bless his heart! And I always save part of my lunch for the ducks that loiter in the parking lot at work.

Your mother's day sounds lovely. We had an interesting one. Lunch with the family was oddly prickly with a BAD brunch, a possibly psychotic waitress and finally going out with Jessica to her favorite hang-out bar! I don't know if she was showing them off or ME!