Saturday, May 21, 2011


DOES a tree falling in an empty forest make a noise?   Is a bit of wit uttered only to a three-year-old who doesn’t understand the pun STILL funny?

Caro has an old stuffed green dragon which has been hanging around a succession of several houses now, as we or she moved place to place, entourage in tow.   Dragon has since been co-opted (commandeered/adopted) by Sweetpea, who cuddles him and plays with him, stashing him neatly into her toy-tub as she leaves for home.

She’s even been known to use his services as a quick stove, as in this picture of Dragon cooking during Flat Stanley’s visit.

Her usual response to names of friends or dolls or playthings is one of a vast group of Vowel-laced syllables, like those children’s-imaginary-languages featured in small journals and university publications:  Uba and Una and Oba and Ooda and Saba and Daba---that Child could have populated the entire Clan of the Cave Bear in five minutes, saving dear Jean Auel just SCADS of time---enough to write up several more Ages and volumes, if she’s inclined.

And I must reiterate that my brain cells have been slow as Molasses lately, and other people's witticisms sometimes take me a minute to parse, so the following exchange surprised even me:

Yesterday, as she and Dragon were playing, I asked, “Did you EVER give Dragon a name?   He’s been part of the family for a long time.”

She immediately replied, “His name is Hodo.”

And I responded, “When you want him to follow, do you say, ‘Come, Hodo Dragon’?”

Well, it WAS funny, audience or not.    Just gimme this one---I need it.


Kat aka Beachkat said...

I think it's funny!

Hope you're having a good weekend.


Bev said...

Now that's funny!!!!!!

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I am giving you this one with a great big smile on my face. Sweetpea is a special child and I wish I could give her a big hug and that goes for you too. Hodo sounds like a great name to me. Thank you for the sweetest compliment you gave me yesterday.

As usual I am a day late and probably many dollars short these days. Smile. We have been busy getting our RV packed to go to Maine for a month. we are looking forward to this adventure so much. I will still blog from there. Hopefully I will have tons of great stuff to blog about.

I am going to post about our RV on Wednesday. We will be on the road to Maine on that day. I need to give my blogging friends fair warning that I will be on the road for three days.

Have a wonderful Sunday.
Hugs and love, Jeanne

Patsy said...

Sweet baby, and it was funny.

Kouign Aman said...

Of course it counts!

steelersandstartrek said...


Actually, I wish I had thought of it first.

steelersandstartrek said...

the word in the brackets was supposed to be "GROAN" in great BIG LETTERS

racheld said...

You know, I've looked at that again, and the whole thing looks positively STAGED. Like a great many jokes ARE, I assume---the punsters roll a word around, thinking "what would it sound like if . . .? What would the definition be if . . .?"

I didn't and it was not, I promise on whatever brain cells haven't yet hit the buglight.

It just popped out, and then I was all dressed up and nowhere to go, so I told it to Y'all. Thank you for listening.

And SAST: Have Y'all hit Gay Paree yet? I expect to see fireworks over the Tour Eiffel any minute now, to bid you bienvenue.

steelersandstartrek said...

We're in Dorchester, leaving tomorrow for the New Forest and Winchester. We'll be in Paris by Wednesday afternoon. We are well into the second thousand pictures!

Beverly said...

Oh yes, it is funny. In fact, I am sitting here all by myself laughing aloud.

Thank you to both of you for the smile.

Cape Coop said...

Thank you for the giggle.