Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Since I’m at an unaccustomed loss for words of late, just some random pictures from the past little while:

Aftermath of the Spring Lunch---few moments of Kitchen Felicity are as gratifying as opening the dishwasher after a holiday and seeing clean dishes loaded by someone else:

We'd left the first bundles of asparagus to languish another day in the fridge, and had them the day after, gently steamed and shocked and left to dry a little, then (per Keetha's Recipe) anointed with a little olive oil and sea salt, garnished with halved grape tomatoes and fresh Parmesan, and roasted for a bit in a hot oven:

On Easter Morning, I’d barely got up and got my teeth brushed, before Chris and Caro came downstairs bearing presents, as well as just baked muffins:

Chris sliced some ham:

to go with the just-from-the-oven broccoli/cheese quiche Caro made. 

We poured my coffee, Caro’s iced coffee, and Chris’ pot of Earl Grey, and sat down.

On Friday, the day of the Royal Wedding, I was up by 2:30, and waiting for Caro’s 4 a.m. arrival from work.   The night before, I'd made little Things in Dishes:   Paminna Cheese, Egg and Olive, Cottage Cheese herb dip, crudite and crackers.   She brought in a little wedding cake she’d made---it was so tiny, you have to click to read it:

Yes, those odd things were breakfast for me, and dinner for her, as we watched the wedding festivities.

This past Saturday, I did a lot of house-cleaning and laundry and bed-changing, and then on Sunday, we just Took The Day Off.    Chris had put one of those foil-wrapped, mushroom-soup/Lipton-onion roasts on the grill after he took our burgers off on Saturday night, so about two o’clock Sunday, I got a few rolls out of the freezer and set them to rise, thawed a package of green peas and made a sweet-pickle, boiled-egg, mayo pea salad, cooked a pot of rice for that luscious gravy, and put the roast in the oven to heat as the rolls baked.  

Isn’t it lovely to have wonderful scents permeating the house, as well as a nice cozy dinner, with so little work?

We're casual people most of the time, and on lazy days, we usually just refill whatever big ole glass of tea or soft drink that we've been sipping on all afternoon---plastic seems to have been the order of the day.

Pay no attention to the big silver Frisbee---I'd tried my hand at photographing a rose with some bounced flash at the table, and we left it there all through dinner, like one of those p'tend mirrors in a play makeup kit.


Patsy said...

Glad to see you had some fun at the wedding.

Keetha said...

I love this post. What a warm and happy home you have!

Beverly said...

Greetings, dear Rachel. I apologize that I haven't visited for several days. Life has been crazy busy - but good.

I loved watching the wedding, too. I believe these two are in real love, and I pray that life brings them joy. You and Caro had a perfect wedding party. I was up, too, and I would have loved to be there with you.

mississippi artist said...

Oh my word, I just had lunch but you are making me hungry again! I was up at three to watch the wedding(Central time).I think Kate has a good head on her shoulders and they will make it work-hope so anyway.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, as usual my late night visit to your post brings me so much pleasure. We are very casual here too. With just Bill and I, since are many visitors are all gone, now we just eat on the island. My table is 9 feet long and it seems silly to eat there with just the two of us. Ahhhh, 'just the two of us' is a real treat.

Your food and party to watch the Royal Wedding is so sweet. I clicked on Caro's cake so I could read it. A perfect addition to your little wedding party. I actually made my version of scones from a Jiffy biscuit mix (no recipe) to watch the wedding with my sister who lives behind me. We were up at 4:00am. We drank hot tea of course. We loved the wedding.

I love reading about your daily life Rachel. The love in your home and down to earth living, is such a blessing. I do admire you so very much.

Goodnight my dear blogging friend.
Love, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

Well, I thought I had posted a comment here. Dern. Anyway, I think I said something about how much I loved your dishwasher rainbow and remembered how delicious Chris’ ham was. I just had to ‘click’ it to see it up close. I wish I had a piece right now with some supermarket white bread and a squirt of Frenches’! I do like your robin’s egg blue speckledy ham plate, too! Please tell Caro how utterly adorable her wedding cake was! I am going to have to come and take her class in piping – mine is dreadful!