Saturday, April 30, 2011


Y'all, I've been on a DRY SPELL lately---I don't know what's happened to my words, but I just haven't seemed to HAVE any.   I can't think of a subject, I can't find anything interesting to say, and somehow it's not seeming to bother me as it should.    I've hardly ever been so down that a little bit of Verbal Remedy couldn't help, and the Dispensary has been closed.

Anything I've posted in the last little bit has been just plain flat, or culled from the reams stuck back in storage from whiles ago.   Maybe it was the dark of January, the lingering cold of February, the incessant rains and pours and clouds---I'm just DULL.

Today's sunshine and a whole lot of house-cleaning, as well as an unexpected half-hour visit from Sweetpea and her Mama on the patio, have done a great deal to lift the personal clouds, and just now, Chris came back with two Flea-Market CDs and downloaded them onto my player---an infectious Jelly Roll Morton and, of course, a Joe Cocker.   I just loaded the dishwasher to Chain of Fools, doing the Michael-dance with the little sparring steps, the windshield wiper side-slip flipping drips from my big ole pink gloves, and the roof-waves and a fairly good tailfeather-shake, in a big red apron in place of the coat.

Chris picked up Sweetpea's little tambourine, and it was like a vitamin pill for a bit there---dancing and music and all that clink and rattle.   

When it finished, Chris came into the kitchen and gave me a hug.   "You smell like cookies,"  he said, Bless his smarty-pants Heart.


steelersandstartrek said...

Your "dull" beats my "interesting" every day of the month. There is joy in your daily doings, and an uncanny, almost newborn ability to notice the poetry in the mundane. Thanks for sharing, even when you feel like not.

Still, just because WE find every breath you take interesting doesn't mean YOU do, so we'll all pull together and send positive energy your way, in the hope that you once again find yourself intrigued by your world. :-)

Have a great evening.

Marlene said...

Amen, steelersandstartrek!! Well said!

Southern Lady said...

I, too, echo Steelers' sentiments. LAWN TEA on what you call a "dull" day still rivals Miss Eudora's best ... and I mean that sincerely!

And there's nothing like "Chain of Fools" to get the adrenaline going again, is there ... especially John Travolta's "Michael-dance."

So, keep those stories coming, Miss Rachel ... YOU may think they're dull, but we know better!

Kim Shook said...

I'm like Chris - married to a REAL writer! Please know that I echo everything my husband said and can only add that come June we will rattle the rooftops and give one another all kinds of energy to go back into the fray! Love you, girl!

racheld said...

Awwww, Y'all! Don't make me cry right here at bedtime!!

Thank you all for the sweet words, and I'm getting brighter right now.

Tonja said...

Something about that music. Now that I do understand! It can reach right into a body and turn that switch back to the 'Light and Lively' position! But, it's OK to rest the brain for a little, if you so feel the need. But I used to tell my little children at school to 'sneeze and knock the dust off their brain!'

Cape Coop said...

We all love you, Rachel, stay in the warmth of that. My #1Boy has always said that I smell like a cookie- perhaps we are related in some mysterious way!