Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm just back online, after a big BOOOOOMMM about noon, which took out all three services---phone, internet, and TV.   (Trying to stay on hold on a new cell phone, when I don't know how to put it on speaker yet, and having someone telling me step-by-step how to unplug and re-connect a succession of wires, with the tee-ninecy phone snugged up to my ear by one shoulder, was the Electronics-Age version of Twister, and if there had been a camera, I'd be a You-Tube sensation).

Today has also been another session of the towel-dance, for the rain was so intense that the downstairs has some dampness AGAIN.   Four more days of this, with tornadoes included, are predicted, so I may be signed off for a while.

Please remember Molly's (Molly's Country Memories) Grandson  in your thoughts and prayers.   He is in the hospital from a severe car accident, and I know that when she took his picture several weeks ago, she did not know that it would be such a source of inspiration and comfort to them all---do take a look and see the wonderful  and inspiring photo.

And my friend Tonja's (GATHERINGS) little grandson Levi, just a few weeks old, is recovering from the RSV virus and will be several more days in the hospital.     Both families would so appreciate your thoughts and prayers.   

Thanks for your perseverance, and I hope all is well where YOU are!!!   Be safe and well.

moire non,


Kim Shook said...

Stay safe, my friend! I've been thinking of you all so much with all of this weather madness!

Southern Lady said...

Take care, Rachel ... I hope the storms won't be as bad as predicted, and you and your family will be out of harm's way. I will remember you in my prayers, along with little Levi and Keifer.

Beverly said...

Stay safe and dry, sweet friend. And, wishes for a blessed Easter holiday for you and your family.

Thank you for the links. I will go visit, and say prayers for all.

Keetha said...

I said prayers for these you mentioned. I hope they are all well and strong soon.

I'd been putting off a call to the 800 number of our bank to see about an online password. I bit the bullet this morning and called and lo! It went well! Painless and quick. Whaddya know?