Thursday, April 21, 2011


 The other night after supper, I went to take FuzzyPup out for his evening constitutional, and this was the golden light which greeted me as I looked up into the big tree just outside the back door.   What settled us on buying this house so long ago were three things:   a marvelous neighbor I'd talked to across the fence quite a few times (proved perfectly right on that one). a second kitchen downstairs, and this TREE.

Tree has her drawbacks---she grows and drops freezillions of tiny green berries, hard as marbles, which rain down onto lawn, patio, rooftop and steps in Summer.   They quickly darken and are small enough to stick inside shoe-treads, and thus make their way into the house, getting kicked down the stairs, all over the downstairs floors.   And in socks or bare feet, it's like stepping on a single little pebble unexpectedly---a sharp pang in the sole of your foot which sends you hopping, perhaps onto ANOTHER of the crafty little imps lying in wait.

Vacuuming the floors of these things sounds like a little woodchipper-gone-wild, as they rattle around madly in the hopper, clicking and clacking their way into the bag.

The "limes" in this dish are smaller than peas, and the dish would not cover a penny.

But we LOVE this tree---she's WAY tall---like a six-story building, and her shade spreads even wider over the back lawn.   You can just FEEL the cool shade when you step beneath her out of the hot Summer sun, like driving past a green afternoon grove in the South and feeling the cool, moist air across your skin.

And her bark is almost like that sharkskin fabric so beloved of gangsters in movies---shiny and reflective in the light---just beautiful at this time of year.    I caught the day just right, and I wish the golden, satiny sheen of that old tree skin would show up as beautifully lustrous as it is---for now, anyway. 

Soon she will be laden with leaves (and those treacherous little berries) and the cool of the patio will be sought often---with a welcoming chair, a book, a glass of something tall and cool to drink.   How I'd like you to come and sit beneath My Tree---we'd have tea and talk the afternoon away beneath the shusssssh of the boughs. . .  She's very welcoming, and she's very good at keeping secrets.


Patsy said...

You for got to tell us the name of your lovely tree.I don't think I have ever seen one with little green balls. Our oak has light green balls but they say it is a wasp egg.

racheld said...

Her name is Myrea---for a fairy artist whose work I like, and for the homonym to Moreai, which are little sprites who inhabit berry-trees.

Southern Lady said...

What a beautiful name for your awesome tree, Rachel.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for an Easter weekend filled with blessings and sweet memories.

Chesapeake said...

I'm trying to find your tree in my identification books. Not having much luck, but then I have such a porous brain these days I can't remember if I looked at this or that one before or not!

Kouign Aman said...

Your tree might like it if you and some of the small fry watched Totoro sometime. Love your writing, as always.

Tonja said...

I understand about your tree. It stands for so many things, continuity of generations and all that...but it reminds you of the changes life goes through, as well. It grows there, but changes through the seasons and back again. Just as we all do. We choose where we will stand, and there we grow and change and come back around again.. just life. And, it's about tolerance, too, isn't it? Loving the tree, but not liking the little balls that cause you grief. As the people we tolerate because really we love them, but there is that little something about them that irks us, as well.

Oh my! Way toophosophical for a Sat. morn. We had just the one big sweet gum tree in the home we raised our children in. Wetolerated the sweet gum balls, only because we loved that tree so much and otherwise it brough us such joy.

Happy Easter to you and yours! Blessings, my friend!