Saturday, March 19, 2011


We got out early into the Cusp-of-Spring Sunshine this morning; there were several little chores I meant to accomplish here at home, but the blast of the light down the stairs fair done me in, and I interrupted his shaving to ask, “Where are we GO-ing Today?”

I seldom ask that, but his answer is always the same, "INNNNY-where you want to!"

I’d had in mind only a nice pastelly-colorful vinyl cloth for the breakfast table, for that’s where Sweetpea and I do her little art and craft projects, ice cupcakes, and have our breakfast and lunch and tea-time together. A thorough spritz from the big ole spray-bottle of Orange Pine-Sol (which gives no hint of pine, whatsoever), and a good wipedown takes care of any mess or germs..

We stopped at the pet store for FuzzyPup’s food, at a Dollar store for some kid-cheap nail polish and to replenish the coloring book supply, and at several other stores. One had vinyl, but it was in the drabbest, paisleyest colors and patterns---not Springy a-Tall, a-Tall.

The lady stocking shelves said, “That’s all we have, right there.” I said, “They’re just such dull colors for the season,” and she replied, “Oh! I just stocked the Easter aisle with a LOT of the colors you’re looking for.” So we bought two---egg-covered and dancing with butterflies.

On to another store just for the heck of it, and there were two more, with lilacs-on-pale green---one round for the table, and a matching square to drape in the pass-through.

Out to brunch, then back past Big Lots, where we scored five more, in lots of pretty pale colors and patterns. Can’t miss with BL prices, and it’s not like they’re gonna spoil.

Chris has had a ham on the grill for several hours, I've made a nice macaroni salad with Spring veggies, and there's a from-a-mix sweet potato casserole in the oven.

And how was YOUR day?


Jacqueline said...

Thanks for your sweet visit. I love the springy colors too. I was looking forward to spring weather, but it was cold and overcast and probably snowing in the mountains today. What a great idea to have a vinyl cloth for when the little ones are doing their projects and to find such a pretty spring one too. Have fun on that table!

Nail said...

My day was just great. Spent the afternoon with YOUR friends and their friends. We had drinks and appetizers by the pool, then went out for great amounts of Mexican Food!!! They have gone now but I thank you for sharing, they were delightful and I hope they had a good time at our house...I'm sure you'll find out sometime soon.

Chesapeake said...

And we thank Nail for sharing her home with us, as well as sharing her favorite restaurant! Could have stayed all evening talking about family, though, if someone hadn't had to get back "home" before dark. Prodigious amounts of Mexican food. Wonderful.

Will have to try Big Lots for some vinyl cloths myself. Spring colors sound yummy right now.

Southern Lady said...

I'm so glad to hear Spring is at long last making an appearance at your house. I know your little Sweet Pea is going to be so excited about your new tablecloths. I'm sure you will spend many happy hours "breaking them in!"

Patsy said...

Happy Spring!

Val said...

That looks almost psychedelic, to my eyes! I've not seen a vinyl table cloth for years. My mum used to use them all the time.

Beverly said...

Just thinking of you all gathered around all of those pretty colors and patterns makes me smile.

We had a nice weekend. Watched lots of basketball. Go Duke!♥ Ran errands. Purchased some pretties at Hobby Lobby. Our son and grandson came for "Sunday Family Dinner", and I received lots of "grandmom" hugs.

Over all another wonderful weekend. Now, I better rush out the door to work.

Kim Shook said...

I love that tablecloth! Vinyl (one of those words that I cannot spell without looking up)tablescloths are indispensible at Easter Egg dyeing time!

mississippi artist said...

Oh we could be best friends, when I decide I need something ONE is never enough! I would have bought that many tablecloths too!

Cape Coop said...

Spring is peeping at us, isn't it? Oh, frabjous and wondermust- I can't wait!