Monday, March 21, 2011



Lately, there have been no cookies on the outside of my house. There were no gumdrops, or peppermint wheels, or lovely little lemony candies or tarts or pies. No cake garnished the shutters, no pretzels or bonbons or Juicy Fruit gum. The waffle walk was covered in ice, and the frangipane fountain ceased to flow, frozen in its gush by the Two Degrees on the thermometer.
All the Tootsie Roll shrubs and the Fruit-Tarts bush were encased in gleaming ice, and the Candy-Dot screens were crusted on the doors. Lollipop portholes and glazed-sugar windows stuck, unwilling to open to the frosty air, and the poor birds had slender pickings on the chimney-bricks, for the brownies were shriveled and cold.

Our Jelly-Belly cobbles were color-blurred in ice, like mermaid-shimmer fathom-deep, and the Skittle-paved patio---slick as glass in the shade. The Oreo oriel was but a shade of its glory, and none of the M&M mullions gleamed in the sun. I dare not mention the Candy Cornices---even inside, they were icicle-toothed and scraggy, and the Dove-tails of the walls rimed with frost.

It’s been dark and blungy, and no one nibbled near.

For this house is an imaginary house, built on dreams and tellings and the great bluster of the teller, with happy times and thoughts of my Godmotherhood, my Grandma credentials, my try for Mary-Sunshine.

And now with a little tease-blast of Sun on Saturday, we’re back to dim and rain to come, with a promise of snow for Wednesday.

But just you wait. Spring’s here, if timid for now, and soon the shutters and the lintel and the roof will shine with fresh-baked goodness, and the doors will open wide, to waft the scent of warm cookies out into the yard.


Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, today's post is full of fun and you made me smile through the whole thing. Our mother was always full of fun when it came to stories and make believe. Fairies were her favorite subject. We so believed in them.

You have had enough cold weather. Spring needs to give you a break. We have had beautiful days and I have been outside clearing my flower beds. Winter sure makes a mess of them.

Dancing with the Stars just came on. I must go. Smile!
Hugs, Jeanne

Beverly said...

I can almost smell the cookies and sugar scents wafting in the air. I'm wishing you warm sun on your shoulder, gentle breezes in you hair and flowers with blooms to pluck and nibble.♥

Kim Shook said...

Oh, Rachel, I love the images and the imagery! You make me want to rush home and open the doors wide to banish the weary winterness of my house (and I LOVE winter), to stop by the nursery on the way home and stuff my trunk full of pansies and to hang out the welcome spring banner! Happy Spring, my friend!