Friday, March 11, 2011


My thoughts and prayers right now are with the people of Japan, in their mourning at the loss of life and the devastation to their beautiful country. Godspeed in their rescues and rebuilding.

And for everyone in the line of danger in the magical islands of Hawaii, where my dear friend Tonja, her sister Joy, and another friend are vacationing---may they all be safe and well, and may our dear ones return home safely.


Keetha said...

Godspeed, indeed. I can't imagine the terror. I'm thinking of all those affected and praying for them.

Southern Lady said...

I've had them on my mind all morning, and pray that they are out of harm's way.

Southern Lady said...

Rachel, I saw this post on Tonja's Facebook page and thought I would pass it along:

It's the morning after, and we are well! Still under warning, so we are going to bed now for a while. Your words and prayers warmed our hearts and gave us strength during the long night. Will update more after my nap. Thanks be to God!

She hasn't posted an update since then, but, hopefully, they are in a safe place.

Bev said...

Haven't seen anything like it..everyone affected are in our prayers.

Kim Shook said...

We keep tuning into the news, hoping for something hopeful and this morning they said that the death toll could be as much as 10,000. So horrifying and sad. Mike is researching where to best put our donations.