Thursday, March 10, 2011


Speaking of chefs: Ina Garten has such a warm presence for such a totally COOL person. Her easy, comfortable laugh and her pleasant personality are just perfect for a cooking show, and she's a wonderful cook, with a perfectly marvelous kitchen of her own:

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Miss Nigella is a marvel of wit and sassy charm, with just the right amount of bright-eyed lusty joy in the cooking AND the eating of the food. She certainly DOES seem to enjoy all of life:

They are both on my DVR schedule, so I have about ten of each saved up on hand most times, just for whiling away a moment with lunch, or whilst the little one naps, or just on an EARLY rainy morning, when their shining kitchens and cheery personalities carve a soft door into the day.

I've loved Jamie's young banter, his knowledge, his up-to-his-elbows way with the ingredients, and it's been a treat to see him easing into a gentle maturity, with much of the competent, smart rowdy-boy still grinning impishly across the courgettes and rocket.

And I miss little Sara Moulton's quiet confidence and immense knowledge; she certainly knows her way around a kitchen, and the way she could cook live with a talkative guest muddling about underfoot or a questioner on the phone---phenomenal.
There is just something so much fun about Nathalie Dupree's slap-dash, spill-the-sugar hands, as well as her soft speech and thousand-watt smile. Plus, who can NOT love a lady who lives in Social Circle, Georgia?

And then---OH, MY!! Then there’s Jacques Pepin's perfect mastery, his courtly manners and charming accent as he absolutely rocks a kitchen.

And I MISSSSS Jennifer and Clarissa!! They were bawdy old broads, with recipes a little too sharp and old-time Mrs. Bridges for the family table, but they just OWNED the kitchen (and the trout stream, and the army tent, and the cloister kitchen and the cricket pitch).

I'd have hopped in and ridden that sidecar with her anywhere.

But for a chilly evening drawing in, when the day's been long and supper's not started, and the beckon of a cozy chair and the warmth of a soft lap-spread and the lamplight siren me in, I turn to Sandra, in her beautiful, unpredictable kitchen, with its dollhouse colors and her cheery voice and things-in-boxes. I watch her chop and mix and sprinkle and sip, and I LIKE her. She BRIGHTS me, and I can cope.

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Who do you watch, and who do you MISS?


Keetha said...

Ina Garten is one of my favorites - I love the food she cooks. I have one of her cookbooks and everything I've made from it has been so good!

I like Giada. I wish Mark Bittman had a cooking show!

Also, Tyler Florence is fun. He's relaxed and his food is both good, and it's stuff you can imagine actually cooking. Nothing too intimidating. And he's cute. :-)

One I like but I don't catch that often is Ellie Krieger. She does healthy, yummy cooking. (No, really!)

Southern Lady said...

I love Ina! She's my favorite -- such a classy down-to-earth lady, and she makes everything look so easy and elegant. I love Jeffrey, too -- he's so cute and cuddly looking (in a "teddy bear" kind of way), and they seem so genuine in their affection for each other.

I like Giada, too, especially when she has her little girl on with her. She's so adorable.

Joane said...

I really like Nigella but, I always seem to miss her show. Jacques is one if my favorites too. I actually have one of his cook books and I make his flan recipe all the time. I also watch Cooks Country and/or America's test kitchen with Chris Kimball. I like the way they find the best ways to make their recipes and the way they test products and kitchen gadgets.

Kat aka Beachkat said...

I don't watch much tv AT ALL so I can't really answer your question. I do see Rachel Ray every once in a blue moon when I turn on the TV sometimes. My Mom and Aunt on the other hand, watch cooking shows all.the.time!

Hugs sweet friend,

Romantisch Hotel Bruges said...

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Bev said...

I've never seen Nathalie Dupree and Sandra Lee gets bashed to bits by foodie types...never seen her either. LOVED and MISS the you..I'd jump in that sidecar for an adventure any day!(I'd rather be driving but whatever :0) Love love love your other choices. I grew up watching Miss Julia so I miss her. Up here we have a show called Wild Chef..the very much acclaimed Chef Martin Picard (Au Pied du Cochon) and his Sous Hugue go out and get back to nature and cook what they catch..wonderful senses of humour. We also have Chef Lynn Crawford..her show Pitchin In is fun. I used to watch Graham Kerr..when he was first on tv..before he got healthy(he always seemed a bit tipsy)good for a laugh. Justin Wilson..remember him..I Guarantee..really enjoyed him too..I guess I have always enjoyed cooking shows! I triple love Jaime too. Mom and I watch Chopped and any of the Top Chef shows..a Top Chef Canada starts soon..should be interesting. Ina seems like someone who would be a great friend..ok enough Bev...thanks Rachel.

Caro said...


Mark Bittman HAS a show...on the Cooking Channel Sundays @ 10:30am ( our time... check you local listings)

Beverly said...

A subject dear to our hearts, Rachel. Of the ones you mentioned, I love, love, love Nigella. What an amazing lady she is.

And, I do so miss Sara.

My daddy loved to cook. He adored dear Julia. I well remember him watching Julia, Justin, Graham and more. He would be overjoyed with the food channels of today.

steelersandstartrek said...

For all his bluster, I would have to say I miss Emeril Live. He had some very annoying schtick, like that uncle who keeps telling the same stupid jokes over and over and over. But he was the first one who actually made me believe that maybe I could try to cook. His were the first recipes I made, faithfully from his books. So forgiving his BAM and unseasoned water and Oh Yeah Babe is easy for me.

Besides, they ALL have annoying schticks. From the divine Ina with her show set ups (Another dinner party for six without Jeffrey, Ina? Really??) to Rachel with her Yummo, EVOO, and girlshool giggles, to Sandra and her amazing nonsequitors and Milli Vanilli cooking cutaways to something a real cook made, they all teach and inspire or at least provide entertainment.

Okay, Nigella does NOT have an annoying schtick. There is nothing she does that could possibly offend me. But then, it's common knowledge that I would leave my wife in the middle of a street fight for Nigella.

Hey, a fella can dream.

Anonymous said...

Love Ina, Nigella and do so miss Sara and Nathalie Dupree. I learned so much from Nathalie and found her to be knowledgeable and soothing. I've made many of Tyler Florence's recipes and they're always delicious. For laughs, I occasionally catch Sandra.

Jeanne said...

Alas, I do not watch cooking shows. I do love your very detailed post about some amazing sounding chefs. I might just start watching some of theses shows. I will let you know!!! The thing is, I watch very little TV.

I wish you great recipes.
Love, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

Well, Mike can love Nigella all he wants, as long as he doesn't mind my Tyler-love! Ina is one of my favorites - I've never had a recipe of hers fail.

I will never forget you telling the story of how Sweetpea's Teletubbies TIVO had accidentally been erased and you discovered that Miss Sandy worked just as well.

And Mario as Aslan? Brilliant, my dear friend!