Monday, January 17, 2011


In thinking of yesterday’s post---my first and only Movie Review---I’ve really been disturbed about the strong words, verging on rude, with which I so ponderously stated an opinion. Y’all all know me as kinder than that, uneasy with stating anything which might offend or make anyone uncomfortable, and it seems that my words got in my own way, much as I had opined that the writers and actors seemed to have let their own.

Perhaps in penance for the flow of my own verbiage in such a negative fashion, perhaps I could do a little Movie Monday thing now and then, with a recommendation or two on movies I have really enjoyed, and would sit through again---some of them from anyplace in which they happen to be when I channel-surf through idly. They will probably all be oldies, not so oldie as I, but not of the just-out variety, either.

So---for some reason I’ve been thinking this morning, just a little reflectively, on a movie which I did enjoy and remember, though the subject and some of the words there might be a bit uncomfortable for us all. It’s a movie about four ladies---though it’s not a Chick Flick, by any means. I don’t even know what that IS---I always assume it’s a Jennifer Anniston fluff or another of the middle-aged Diane Keaton romps through yet another romance, with the same dialogue time after time and the same Lah de Dah which made her Annie Hall such a masterpiece.

This is not a gentle movie, though it has the air of a sweet moving through the days, though we can only imagine the everyday labors and messes and frustrations. The descent of each of the women into the grip of Alzheimer’s---one a gentle wisp, already far away, one living in the troubled South of her own past, unheedingly voicing her every thought, and one whose vast knowledge and brilliant mind allow her to comprehend and grieve the great loss to come---are all eased and smoothed by the kind woman who takes in the three.

They’re all in the care of a woman who has to make her own way when everything and everyone seem to be channeling her into a different life from the one she has had and wants to continue. She takes them in merely as a matter of income when her home is about to hit the auction block, but soon makes them family, and steers their paths as gently and kindly as she can, with all their paths converging in one trip to see the ocean.

The colors are muted, as is the story, I think---gently and simply told, with soft lightings and tones of the gentle griefs and simple triumphs. If you trust me after yesterday’s diatribe, do see this one when you can.


Tonja said...

I did read yesterday's post and I saw the original movie. I'm just not that much into Westerns. I've been forced to watch too many of them, what with living with 4 men most of my adult life. No, When I see a movie, I want to be uplifted, I want to escape, I want to leave the theater or the TV with a smile on my face. I do not like the suspenseful, scarry stuff. I don't like to see people get hurt...or hurt other people. I know that all happens in the 'Real World'...but in the movie watching world of Tonja...all is well and happy and pretty music plays! I can't control too much that goes on around me, but that is one thing I can control! :)
All that being said, I can certainly appreciate a good drama, and from time to time Alex or Don will persuade me to watch one with them.
Now, the movie you described sounds just like something I would like. There's some things to work through, and some hardships, but you know things are going to work out OK.
I realize that I sound as if I like to hide my head in the sand...and it's true, I do. But, just about movies!
PS...I loved your movie review. Your decriptions of the colors was truly as yummy as one of those 14 layer chocolate cakes. I read the words and just let them roll around in my head...much as good chocolate is apt to do in my mouth!

Kat said...

I've never seen it, but now I want to. I'll check and see if our library has it and will let you know if I get to view it. I hope so.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Rachel, do not feel bad for describing the movie True Grit as you saw it, positve or negative it is your opinion and you deserve to have it. I truly did not care for the new version, I enjoyed the orginal one because they still had a few morals and somethings were off limit, not like today's movies where they think they have to get down and dirty in the gutter to get attention.
That being said, I surely loved the movie Road to Galveston, it was a heart warming full of life and death everyday reality.

Keetha said...

I am already looking forward to more of your movie reviews.

Patsy said...

I didnt mean to sound rude on your comments Sorry.
It didn't have any thing to do with your movie review. Doing a remake was to soon for me Jeff Bridges is no John Wayne.

racheld said...

Oh, Patsy!!!

Not YOU---ME ME ME! I felt that I had just dashed down a bunch of rigamarole right after we got home, and the words just took over.

Not ONE of my commenters has EVER been rude to me, or to anyone else on this blog.

I'm gonna go see if I can e-mail you. I'm so sorry you thought I meant Y'all!! I Would Never.