Monday, January 31, 2011


During the course of this busy, productive day, I have sent and received an e-mail, to and from a young woman whose Grandmother was a devoted Great-Niece of Milton Nobles.

I found her own name by accident, in another little bit of Google-info I'd stashed amongst all the pages of my research:

In a little research into a family not my own, I came upon your name, associated with that of Milton Nobles. I had spent an intense week absorbed in the sheer kindness and generosity of that good man, and have just taken him to my heart.

I was just doing a little curiosity thing for my own blog, and got so involved in the finding and the telling, that it took quite a few days to gather the information and make a story of it, in several installments. It's a story of his concern and affection for a fellow thespian whose family was all struck down by the Yellow Fever epidemic in Vicksburg in 1878, and his kind placing of a stone to mark their grave-for-three.

I am not a writer, but an amateur blogger, whose regard for this gentleman has been kindled and increased over the time of reading of his life, and I thought perhaps some one of his family might like to know that a far-away stranger holds his own memory in highest esteem and fond thought.



I enjoyed your recounting of Milton’s caring for fellow thespians. I will keep this account to add to my genealogical info for him, thanks.
Where did you get the info that his son died as a suicide in his 20’s?I have the son Milton Nobles Jr. dying in 1925 (one year after his father), but I don’t have a good source for that info.
My grandmother was a child actress and later a write. She wrote very reverently of her great uncle Milton.

Thanks for sharing,



I hope that someone in the family may find this useful and interesting---I wonder what a yet-to-come researcher would make of finding all those reams of words from a stranger . . .
And the tiniest of epilogues, one of no consequence, but which gave me a little bubble of happy in my heart---I Googled the address in the Milton Nobles obituary of 1924, just to take a peek at the area from the satellite view. No more houses on that block---it's now a School of the Performing Arts. Don't you just LOVE that?


Kat said...

How exciting (and cool) that you have been in contact with a relative of Mr. Nobles. All of this from a simple photo. Cool...very cool.


Southern Lady said...

What a befitting ending to your story, Rachel ... and corresponding with one of Mr. Nobles' relatives was the icing on the cake, wasn't it! Thank you for all the hard work that went into sharing this amazing story with us.

My thoughts will be with you and your family during the next few days as the dangerous winter storms head in your direction. I hope you can stay at home, all safe and warm and out of harm's way.

Beverly said...

Rachel, this is so exciting that it gives me chills. My husband and I have been working on our family genealogies for the forty years we've been married, and it is always a thrill.