Thursday, January 20, 2011


The three-day search I've been engaged in is finished, for the most part. The picture which began the quest by so captivating my interest is yet to come, as are the details of the lives and the findings and the losses. It's been a touching endeavour, sad and yet uplifting, by the enduring fond memory of a friend.

Above, one of the players in this small vignette---in both senses. She is Mme. Marie Methua Schiller, whose fame and respect as an actress of the nineteenth century have endured for many years. Her travels, her body of work, her family, their lives---all have been gleaned in teaspoons, from small books and yellowed clippings and great long microfilm which whizzed past on the scroll like the ride of a runaway elevator, causing me to shake my head to clear my vision and re-arrange my thoughts.

The looking and finding has engaged me during this snowy, dark-day time, and, like all nights, of the soul and otherwise, the brightness comes. It will take several tellings, I think, and I would not thrust it upon you unawares, so I hope that my little chapters of the next few days will not be an imposition. I don't want it to be sad or maudlin or dreary, though there WAS a great sorrow.

But there's also a great bright sweetness, of spirit and of gesture, and I know I am the better for the knowing of the story.


Patsy said...

She doesn't look mad. I would like to know the story

mustard seeds said...

Interested to hear the story. Isn't her dress elaborate?

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I am taking a few minutes to say hello and to thank you for your ever welcome sweet comments.

This does sound like a story that will unwind with your clever text and wonderful way that you tell a story. I am going to make a big effort not to miss a day.

I too love Google. Amazing things are there for the effort of looking.

Goodnight my sweet friend,
Warm hugs, Jeanne

Southern Lady said...

I'm looking forward to hearing Mme. Schiller's story, Rachel ... and I know it will never be told more beautifully or eloquently than through YOUR telling of it.

mississippi artist said...

Waiting for this story, I know it will be so interesting as only you can make it.

Kat said...

You have my interest. Can't wait.


Kim Shook said...

Tenderhooks, Miss Rachel, TENDERHOOKS!

racheld said...

Oh, My, Y'all! That's a lot of confidence and expectation, my Dearies. I hope to be able to pull it together coherently. Trying to do it justice is going to be a hard thing, for it's a lovely tale of friendship and admiration, and the tragedy of the loss.

I'll try. Perhaps in several small chapters along, as I can get myself and it together.

Thank you for your sweet thoughts and your patience.