Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not all Heroes fly with capes unfurled; some of them come and go without a whisper. They extend a hand to a stranger, comfort a friend, caress a pet, care for a loved one, stand up or stand FOR, then silently slip away unseen. The most Heroic moment in the history of movies comes when Charlie Allnut clenches his teeth in silent resignation, then slips off the African Queen back into that leech-filled water, because it's the only way to save his Rosie. It's the hand Life dealt him, and he plays it, in Spades.

And, like trees falling in a deserted forest, or flowers blushing unseen, many Heroic deeds and moments go unobserved, unwept, unsung. I once read of the principle that one of the most rewarding things in life is to do something really nice or good or kind, in secret, and then be found out by accident.

But just that little secret glow within, of the never-credited, known-only-to-you good deed, is a blessing.

Let's all find a Hero today. Or BE one.


Patsy said...

So sweet, with deep thoughts

Tonja said...

This reminds me of a time when one of my boys was in grade school. He had told me about a boy in his class,who was very poor and had to wear the same thing every day. He couldn't get one of the new school t-shirts. I told him we could do something about it. I put 20 dollars in the pot and gave him some extra chores to ern some money also. He worked hard. And, soon he earned 10 dollars. We contacted the secretary of the school (who was a personal friend) and told her what we wanted to do. We bought new jeans and 2 shirts and a school T-shirt. And, he was so excited. The little boy never knew, either. We would get him new things
and for Christmas a bicycle. It was such a great teaching opportunity. For all the reasons you mentioned. Do good for the sake of doing good. Not for reward or thanks, but simply because it's a kind thing to do.

I had not thought of that in a long time. Thanks for jogging my memory!

Beverly said...

I once found out that my son would take groceries and toys and leave them on the porch of a friend going through hard times.

I can assure you that this mother's heart was full.♥

Kat said...

Great post. Great idea.


Southern Lady said...

You never know what effect a smile or a small kindest may have on a stranger. And the best part is that they may pass it on to another stranger they encounter during their day.

I recently went out of my way to help an elderly man find something he was looking for in Krogers, and just thinking about his smile and genuine appreciation still makes my heart sing.

You have inspired me to try to be an "unsung hero" to someone every day.

I loved Tonja's and Beverly's stories, too.

Jeanne said...

Rachel, you are the most fun about admitting you didn't find the man in the coffee beans. I have this to say about that 'man'! I had a good laugh about the man in the beans. When I first saw that pic on my email, the bottom part wasn't in view. I drove myself nuts trying to find that man. I was sure I was lacking major protein in my diet. HA! Hint...look very low. That was the part that wasn't on the pic. Maybe you just have to scroll up! Big smile. Anyway, I MUST say this...your words are 'way' better than a man in the coffee beans.

Your story about heroes is so true. Helping others without expecting praise or even in secret is so rewarding to ones own soul. My minister's wife of many years ago once said. "If you don't provide a service to others, you do a great disservice to yourself." I believe that with all my heart. Her name was Evadeen Ragsdale, a woman I have always admired and loved. She is in heaven now.
Warm hugs to my dear blogging friend,

racheld said...

Thank you, thank you ALL. I've been thinking about this subject a lot lately, after something I saw on the Internet affected me too deeply for words, just thinking what I might have done, had I known.

I love all your memories and stories, as well.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I am one of those lefties too. I did exactly what you did. I tried to see eyes in the coffee beans and yes arms and legs. This was a trick absolutely. I was so surprised when I pulled up the whole picture and saw that tiny little head on the bottom. My exact thoughts were. "hey, that's not fair." I am still laughing at the absurd little bean head. I just had to share this once again. We should get together some day. I think we are very much alike and could talk for hours. Smile.
Love ya, Jeanne.
PS, I am loving having time to spend it on visiting this whole day. I just posted my pink post. You might get a laugh out of it. "J" again!!!

Cape Coop said...

Every kindness is important, small or large, so SO important, folks just don't realize that often enough.