Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Bounty and Blessings overflow.

Last night as I was just roaming around amongst Blogs-I-Like, I happened upon a post on Derfwad Manor in which Lawn Tea was mentioned amongst "Your Favorite Women's Blogs Which Aren't Mainly About Their Children."

And several posts down, amongst such powerhouses as Smitten Kitchen and Bellwether Vance and Hyperbole, there was LAWN TEA!!! Our little Southern wisp of Hey Y'all was mentioned as a favorite.

What a lovely surprise! I'm so very happy to be included in such august company. The signature on the post was SHERRY, but there was no link to her own blog or identity, so that I could thank her properly. It was posted back on November 5, so I'm sorry I missed it for so long.

So, SHERRY---if you're a regular reader, and you DO see this---Thank You from my heart. It's so lovely to find that folks are reading and enjoying. I hope you'll comment and let me know when you see this.

It's the comments and participation from readers and followers and droppers-in which are so delightful in this big wide BlogWorld, and I appreciate each and every one of you. I see the little counter on the sidebar every day, with flags and places, and I love that people are dropping in or marking this as a place to check in on regularly. Some places have become old friends, the recognition of people just by where-they're-from---comfortable regulars whose names I may or may not know, but it's so nice to see the familiar names of places I've never been, that I'll never see, knowing that someone comfortable in her own chair is coming by to see what I'm blathering about today.

This Thankful Season---I'm thankful for EVERY ONE OF YOU, and wish a warm, safe, heart-happy Thanksgiving to every one.



Keetha said...

How wonderful for you and well earned! I'm so glad more folks will know about this bright and warm corner of the internet.

Beverly said...

What a nice and well-deserved compliment to you. Rachel, I must tell you that we all love you. You are a bright light in my day.♥

Sherry said...

First thing in the morning at work, after I set my purse down, I am accustomed to enjoying a few quiet moments with my favorite blogs before the phones go crazy. I had just enough time to read - but not respond - this morning. I am your regular reader from Plano. Rachel, you do paint a pretty picture with your pen. I hope many new followers come your way from Mrs. G's. Any and all accolades you receive are well deserved!

racheld said...

Aha!!! A Name with a Place! How nice to meet you, Sherry!

Thank you for commenting and for becoming "you" and not just where-you're-from. I've seen you for a long time now, and hoped you'd chime in someday.

Thank you SO much for the mention---it was quite a surprise, for I never see "us" mentioned anywhere other than by a few regular readers on the sidebar.

And now I know. I hope you'll continue to enjoy. I've been meaning to ask in a post if anyone has anything Southern they'd like to hear about. If I know it, I'll write about it.

And you?

racheld said...

Thank you, Keetha---it's lovely to be mentioned, and I SO appreciate your comments. Bright and warm corner, indeed---what a wonderful thing to saym and a sweet image of how I hope it is.

Beverly, what a lovely thing to say!! I so appreciate all your work and effort in all the keeping-track-of and the puzzles and especially the music.

After I looked at your video today, I looked for last night's dance on You-tube, and the one I found was fabulous---interspliced with clips from the original, with the music flawless.

Southern Lady said...

Rachel, I'm so happy that others are discovering your wonderful talents. Your beautiful, magical way with words never fails to brighten my days and make me smile.

Beverly said...

Just stopping by to wish you and your family a happy and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

Mary said...

What a wonderful, though well-deserved, compliment. I hope you had a great Blue Monday. Blessings...Mary

Patsy said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Rachel I know the food will be delicious.

Jeanne said...

Dear Rachel. thank you for your ever present comments that just makes me smile. I am knee deep in company, (always) and baking and cooking like crazy for tomorrow. We will have 24 for Thanksgiving. I probably haven't told you but you are definitely one of my favorite blogs to read. I am not surprised that others feel the same way. My friend Beverly (pink Sat) and I agree on this. So blather on!!! Smile.

I am sending you wonderful Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours.

Blessings and love, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

Lovely, yes. Surprise - NO! I am only surprised that even more people haven't found and fell in love with you and with Lawn Tea. It is so often the best part of my day.

Tonja said...

I'm late with a reply...BUT

If I had a list, you'd be at the top! Hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving today! Blessings!