Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Images left over in the hundreds snapped around house and yard as Fall draws on. This lamp casts a rosy glow day and night in the living room corner where lots of the plants and crystals live.

Luck Bush through the sitting room window---it grew even redder as the days went on, and is now a paling pink, as the leaves fall.

Books beneath the little park bench in the sitting-room corner. They're mostly gardening books, for it's so wonderful just to reach out and take whatever my hand reaches, delving into the beautiful flowerbeds and lawns and estates of people who are dedicated to gardening. I love the small books, as well, with their histories and habits of bulb and seed and shoot, and all the delights and rewards of cultivating the beautiful bounty.

A great pile of the books are about Scotland, for it had called to me all of my life. I don't know if it's my Scots ancestors, scrabbling a mutton-neep existence from those rugged Highlands for centuries, bathless and warring and smeared with woad, or perhaps Sir Walter's great Waverleys, Summer-read up the same big tree as Nancy Drew and Tarzan, or just some primal gene which understands the grim and the beautiful, the warrior and the poet, of those rocky crags and heather-covered hills, with the razed-and-pilfered Hadrian-stone festooned like beads shining white as bone round croft and field. I longed for it, and now I've been.

I made my visit in 2003, stepping down from the bus with my shoes in my hand, and bare feet to honor the history, respect the soil. I absorbed all the air and aura and REAL of it I could manage in those few days, and re-live it now and again from my little chair beside that tower of books.

A gourd from the Amish Market---I loved her, for she was the very image of a shy goose. She's sat on the couch, on a dresser, on the coffeetable, and in front of this mirror casting coy glances at her own reflection. Now she's cozying up to the popcorn balls---maybe she's hungry. I hope she dries well, for I'd really like her to stay with us.

The coffee-table, arranged from bits and pieces around the room by Sweetpea, over a doily crocheted in the Fifties by her Great-Great Mammaw J. That woman could go to the little drugstore, hide out beside the rack of magazines, study the picture on the cover of Workbasket, and come home and MAKE the thing before supper. I have no such skills.

Lavender from the garden, drying beside the Autumn swag of leaves across the door between Caro's kitchen and sitting room.

Across the door, and a peek at some of Caro's Hall teapots. Dozens on the shelf run round the wall.

The lamp again---side-by with all sorts of crystally things, from Swarovski to glass plinths to prisms. That "diamond" down in the leaves is the one that everyone picks up to look at.

And could you tell what mineral THIS might be?

"Thy bounty shines in autumn unconfined
And spreads a common feast for all that live."-

James Thomson


Tonja said...

I KNEW we had a connection...we think too much alike. The Townsend ancestors came from Scotland also!

Loved the visit through your home...and I like my books close also. I like to grab one when I have a few minutes. It is too, too hard for me to sit and do nothing. To sit and wait and smile...can't do it. I can wait all day long...as long as I have something to read.
And, isn't that a salt lamp? Alex has one in his room and it stays on all the time. When I go in in the middle of the night...it's shining and warm. It was given to him by a dear friend.

Kat said...

Your gourd really does look like a shy little goose. Love it!


racheld said...

Yes it is!! I thought it was maybe quartz when I saw it across the room at a Flea Market.

And it's just so good to know that we share that warm, rosy glow, day and night. It's very comforting and homey, and so lovely when I walk through the darkened rooms in the evening.

Beverly said...

Rachel, I enjoyed sharing all of your special places around your room. It makes me feel as if I am there with you.

Maggie McArthur said...

Scots wha hae!

Lady Katherine said...

Such a lovely post! I love the gourd! Make sure it gets some air, I usually leave mine on the vine until dried. But have brought some in the house, so made it and some did not. The ones that did were in a cold dark place. Not an expert! Just my experience. lol Love the quartz,, it lovely! Loved the teapots, and peeks of your home! You should linked to Tea Time.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Lovely post, I enjoyed visiting your home and your beautiful shots are just so enjoyable. I have always been drawn to Scotland and Ireland. Both side of my family are descented from these 2 countries.
Thanks for sharing and have a Blessed day.

Kim Shook said...

What lovely, welcoming corners there are in your home, Rachel! I have the same pile - my books are about England - our land o' dreams, huh? And I know EXACTLY where you got that beautiful black metal basket that your mini pumpkins are in, because its twin is sitting beside me on the dining room table filled with gourds and mini pumpkins! Great minds...

Southern Lady said...

How nice to have so many of your treasures near at hand so you can enjoy them every day. And your little Sweetpea's coffee table "arrangement" is so sweet. I can just picture her gathering all those things and placing them just so on the table. Have fun with her as you get ready for your Thanksgiving festivities.

Jeanne said...

Good morning Rachel, what a warm and loving post about your books and special things in your home. I have never heard of a salt lamp but I am intrigued about it and it's warm glow. I know the pleasure you have with Sweetpea warms your heart. The coffee table arrangement is charming. Your post warms my heart just to read your lovely words.

Happy days to you and yours. Oh, my dad had Scottish/Irish roots. He laughed and sang his whole life and we adored him. Did you ever hear that Scottish song 'Coulter's Candy'? My maiden name is Coulter.

Warm hugs and love, Jeanne