Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Happy March, Everyone!!

This promises to be a busy rest-of-the week---Sis will be here any minute, the guest rooms are all ready, BabyGirl is watching Fifi the Flowertot while I finish up the kitchen, and another one of those still-warm carrot cakes with the cream-cheese-pecan frosting is perfuming the whole house with spices.

Sis and I hope to spend whole mornings over our coffee, sitting upstairs in the sitting-room sunshine (though she DID confide from her Deep-South heart that a gentle drift of snowflakes past the windows would not go amiss, just for the cozy factor). We want to look at more old pictures, name the long-ago relatives and friends if we can, and put the names on the backs. It's so sad to lose track of our Roots just because the pictures come down the generations with no clue as to who or what or which side of the family they were.

And we have whole gaggles of Paxton folks circulating through our heads---church folks and townfolk and folks scattered on their farms and little bits of land. They will be from our memories, our wishes, and our imaginations, with no insinuation of which is which, since they will be like long-worn quilts from a fragrant old cedar-chest: scraps and pieces of whole cloth, aprons and dresses and shirts and a bolero or two, or a small snip from the MOTHER pillow sent from Japan by Carey Luke Bishop, while he was overseas. All the pieces will be separate, different colors and patterns, velvet and gingham and denim and suede---good broadcloth and flimsy voile, all cut and sewn into a pattern and a story and a town.

She and I always have a laughing, crying good time---we share our own stories since we last saw each other, we reminisce over old times, we remember folks fondly or with longing or regret or even a smitch of irritation, as is true of everyone's remembrances.

I've got Things in Dishes in the fridge: Paminna Cheese, Egg and Olive and a BIG bowl of Chicken Salad with apples and grapes, along with a box of fresh croissants and lots of nice crackers. With pitchers of iced tea and endless percolators of coffee---that spells a good, easy visit, with a stop for a nibble and a cup and a walk around the neighborhood if the weather stays sunny.

She's good company, with a good warm laugh and an easy kind of settling-in which makes her at home and us glad to have her here. We'll be in the kitchen together, as well---she'll be making her marvelous Chicken Enchiladas for us one night, with REAL Texas guacamole---I've got five avocados at the peak of their shiny selves.

We'll have Chinese takeout one night, and go to a restaurant that we love on another. And we'll talk. We'll probably both be hoarse at the end of her visit, waving silently down the airport concourse.

So, if you don't see me for a few days---we'll be right upstairs. Or gone to lunch. Or at a bookstore. The possibles are the best part, after the good company we're keeping.


Anonymous said...

It's not fair- to make us wish so for a tiny part of the joy ya'll will have - reality TV I guess has spoilt us to want to "watch" and listen to all the talking and laughing. Happiest wishes!! (loved the quilt analogy)

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, this warm and loving story just melts my heart. I have four sisters I adore and I can just imagine the fun you will have together. We have old photos that we would give anything to know who they all are. Good luck with that. BIG smile here.

Wishing you and your sis a most wonderful visit.

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

Southern Lady said...

Oh, what a wonderful time you have planned. I hope it's all you want it to be and the time passes slowly for you. What a blessing to have a sister you can share memories with -- from the past, the present, and the future.

Maggie Norman said...

Have a great time. I know you will and give that baby sister a big hug for me.

Sunshine kisses

Keetha said...

I love the way you capture just what's it's like when you get together with a dear family member to talk, gab, laugh, remember, daydream. Ah. Just...wonderful. I'm so happy for you and am looking forward to the visit on your behalf. Can't wait to hear more!

Kim Shook said...

Have a lovely time with your dear sis! How I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear the stories and the laughter. I remember well our time in that lovely, sunny space. I guess it will be too cold and damp for the lovely bower in the back, but that is one of my favorite memories, too!

sparrowgrass said...

After so many years living hither and yon, it is so good to be close enough to my sister to see her once or twice a month. We both live about an hour and a half from our mother--she to the east and me to the west, so we usually meet in the middle and have a good girls' day out.

She is the other half of me, and I love her so. Facebook has added to our enjoyment of each other--I can always count on her to make me laugh, and I think she thinks the same of me.

She is 8 years younger than me, and we have really only discovered each other as adults in the last 10 years, since I moved back to the midwest after long, long years in assorted places across the country.

Anyhow, have a great time, and bring back lots of stories after your visit.

Cape Coop said...

You are both so blessed and lucky! Color me green, for the sister and the visit.