Saturday, March 13, 2010


We were going out to our favorite Japanese place tonight, for our littlest GrandGirl (2 ½) has never seen all the flim-flammery and artistry of those flashing blades and onion volcanoes.
She’s having a sleepover with us, and since the weather has been what she calls “grumpy” all day, with cold drizzles and occasional downpours, we decided to make it a home-evening.

We came to that decision in the grocery store, as we watched the folks running through the rain, splashing in puddles and coming in the doors like shivery pups, ready to divest themselves of wet jackets and hats. So we threw two little packs of Stouffer’s lasagna in the buggy, along with assorted snacks and the makings of a good romaine/red onion/Mandarin salad (she will eat two kid-cups of those little golden nuggets at a time, if we allow).

Then AFTER we were back in the house with all those bags of groceries, leaning over the too-full-already freezer with sprouts and trout and peas, trying to wade our way into THE ROOM to put away the canned and boxed goods (I’m tellin’ you---if those Sherpas go on strike again, we’ll never find our way out)---Chris said brightly, “Why don’t she and I make COOKIES?”

And so they are---this minute. I went upstairs to the left-from-Christmas stash of sweet-supplies, finding half a bag of Ghirardelli white chocolate chips, about half a cup of Tollhouse regulars in a little Rubbermaid, an unopened bag of chopped Macadamias in a drawer, and then raided the lovely small candy-dish of its little chocolate buttons, as Nigella calls them. And, of course, there is always a bag of fat pecans---in the freezer or Cold Room, awaiting the toasting or chopping.

So, now, my two CookieChefs are in the kitchen in matching aprons (he’s wearing mine, and is quite fetching in the lovely pale green-with-yellow sash), and she’s oh-so-proud of hers. I’ve been taking pictures sorta down the counter as they measured the sugar (I hope the camera caught that great snowfall as she poured from pyrex cup to bowl), and the scent of toasting pecans and vanilla is wafting, wafting.

I’ve just been informed that “Ganner Spill it!!” and I’m not going to look or inquire. I DID forget to tell him that her version of cracking an egg is to grasp it in both hands and squeeze with all her might, but she's never yet succeeded in breaking one. Today may be the day.

So, after while, we’ll be having a nice plate of warm Toll-mac-whi-peca-choco-butt cookies, straight from the oven---wonder how THAT would go over at the Pillsbury Bakeoff?
And I’m fairly certain we may not need that lasagna after all. One of the loveliest times I can remember was the night our Georgia five arrived about one a.m. from that long drive, and everybody collapsed around the dining table, close and cozy, as Ganner took the cookies out of the oven and we all had a past-midnight feast of warm cookies and cold milk. I still smile at the memory of those little faces, sleepily amazed and delighted at the unacustomed treat. We washed chocolate-smeared hands and faces and all tumbled into our beds.
I have this theory that if disagreeing lawmakers, rulers and deciders would just desert those smoke-filled rooms for a nice kitchen with the scent of cookies baking, and all settle down over a homey table, wonders and miracles would occur. Dare we hope?


Kim Shook said...

Rachel - in my own personal dictionary, the word hospitality just has three words: Rachel and Chris. You've inspired a new resolution for me. Fresh cookies out of the oven, just as folks are walking in the door for a visit! What could be a better welcome? Everyone has cellphones now and I can make them promise to call me an hour away, so that I can take some already made dough balls out the freezer, preheat the oven and smack them in there. What a little outlay of energy for the warm welcome they will convey. Thank you.

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, I have been trying to get back to you and I have been swamped here. On Sat. we participated In a huge undertaking to feed thousands in Haiti. I am posting about it tomorrow.

This week will be crazy and I want to post about your blog next week after this which will be unencumbered. Tomorrow some blogging friends are coming here from Ontario, Canada to spend a couple of days. On Thurs. My sisters and I are planning a day together at the Biltmore mansion in Asheville, NC. I have four sisters so the five of us will have a wonderful day together. On Friday morning I am driving to Jacksonville, Fl. to visit some blogging friends and go to a wedding. Whew!

It will be awesome if you want to write something special. You pick any day after this week and I would love to feature your wonderful blog. On Wednesday I usually do Outdoor Wednesday and I link up with over 100 people. Lots of exposure. On Thursday I link to vintage Thingy Thurs. Another day with lots of exposure. Think about it and let me know. This gives you time to think of a special post to share. That would be any day after the 22nd of March. I will be driving back home from Fl. on Monday. Actually from Wednesday on is good.

I love your post today. the idea of a kitchen smelling like home made cookies makes me want to bake. A darling story with your grand. I also like your idea of changing the problems our country is having with a lovely home made cookie smell while congress is in process. HA!

Hugs, Jeanne

racheld said...

Well, I just blathered away about foodbanks and vintage thingies and trips and sisterly adventures, and my OWN COMMENTS would NOT LET ME POST!!!


Something is amiss, so no more for now, but Jeanne, I wish you a splendiferous visit and Godspeed on your trip.