Monday, March 1, 2010


For those of you who commented or e-mailed about your own love affair with beautiful buttons, homely buttons, special buttons, and all buttons of all colors, shapes, uses and persuasions, or just for anyone who likes something PRETTY, DO take a look at this.

I'm totally in awe of the time and talent it took, plus the absolute unerring eye for the form and color---this is the reason I dedicated that last post to Jeanne. May I present a part of her Aunt Shirley's lifetime collection of BUTTONS:

This is a Happy March Present to you.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My goodness, I never gave my button can a thought. I have had it for about 50 years a little more. It was something I began from my very first days of marriage. I was taught to take buttons off old clothing and save them for future needs..and so I do that. Thanks for reminding me of how much I love my button tin. :)

I also wanted to let you know that the painting on my kitchen island (I think that is what you were talking about in your comment) was done by me. I bought the island from JC Penny's and then painted wild flowers on it on both sides..and repeated it on the little drawers.
I am not really a good artist..but when you want something...and you have no one to do it for just do it yourself. :) Thanks for asking.

Jeanne said...

Dear Rachel, I can't believe I missed this post about aunt Shirley's buttons. You are a dear to present them again. I have been on a bloggy break and I was just scrolling down to see what I have missed. Thank you so much for your sweet remembrance of a very special 'Aunt.'

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Me again. I do remember you mentioned using the buttons on a post. I just missed this. Sigh.
Jeanne again.