Friday, March 5, 2010


Thank you all for joining in---we've had a lovely visit so far. Sis stayed in her PJs all day yesterday, and we just totally relaxed and talked a mile a minute.

She introduced me to "CASH CAB" and we've been shouting answers across each other, we've talked about old times and how old was she when this and that happened and what WAS the name of that woman with the parakeets, etc. And of course, as it always happens, one mention kindles another memory of someone who and where did we go and do you remember the time? . . . Talking fastfastfast and getting out the memories and laughing our heads off---and somehow we're exponentially wittier and smarter when feeding each other lines and answers.

It's a SUNNY day through the sheers, and we're about to go back upstairs to our comfy chairs and solve all the affairs of the world.

Or at least our little G.R.I.T.S. corner of it; she's headed for the shower, we've finished the first perk of vanilla coffee, and later we're going to stroll down the street to a little Carniceria/grocery for the makings for her wonderful Chicken Enchiladas for supper.

Company in the kitchen is a wonderful thing.


Keetha said...

Oh, yes! Love it! I know the feeling. Such fun you girls are having.

Tonja said...

I understand! With a sister, there are things that you remember that no one else would. You share what no others can. Memories from childhood, from adulthood, from raising children...all the more real because you both lived it!
I hope you have a wonderful time...sounds as if you have thought it all out and have great plans. Talk until you can't...then rest...and start up again! Have the best time!