Thursday, March 25, 2010



Just for fun, I Googled “401” and got about a dozen entries---a number, a year in history concerning Visigoths, et al., a type of future-providing savings plan, and the one which I felt to be quite apropos: the computer code given with ERROR! ERROR!, when your name and password do not coincide on sign-in.

Heaven knows, I’ve been fee-fuddled with THAT today!! I got up all bright-eyed this morning, to see a blast of sun down the stairs, presaging a good day to get out there and “get up” those leaves I raked out of the hosta beds yesterday. But I could not sign on to my blog site---I tried off and on all morning, but it just Would. Not. Work.

Chris tried and tried, and he could not get in either, and we wondered if everybody was having trouble with their own. I Googled several blogs which carry LAWN TEA on their sidebar, and I could not enter those, either.

By the time I’d had my first cup of coffee, made Chris a pot of tea, carried pot/cozy/coaster/ cup/saucer/ coffeepot/Sweet&Low/my milk pitcher/his little grenade-shaped pitcher of Pet to the table, and we sat talking long enough to have several cups each---well a cold drizzle came along, darkening the doorway, and just SPOKE to me: Don’t rake leeeeeeaves. Hear that ominous whisper?

So I didn’t. This cool-off and cloudy has done things to the barometer the last couple of days which has spoken sharply to my knees and fingers, and I pampered them all by staying in when it was cloudy. Until lunchtime---Chris’ first call was after noon, so I asked if he would like to take me to lunch. And well, he SEEMED delighted, so we went.

See---there’s a Southern term called “Tolerable” which explains everything you need to know about all kinds of ailments. If you’re under the weather (appropriate for my own particular circumstance), and folks ask how you are, you can say, “Tolerable.”

It’s nomenclature for whatever applies---you can be up and about, or feel the need to go get under the covers, or take off a day from work, or be almost recovered from something major---if you’re to the stage of Tolerable, you’re getting there, but not today.

The most often used definition for the word is “able to take nourishment, not much else.”
And so Tolerable applied---where there’s cold rain and mucky wet leaves, stirred up from the flowerbeds where I raked ‘em last Fall, and quite possibly where our new GrandDog takes his own business---well, I’ll pass, cause I'm not feelin' my best.

But if a lunch date is involved---I’m your girl. I’ll brighten up like a gold dollar, get on my goin’-out clothes, and hop right in. And so we went, and it was nice---a cheery warm place with lovely food, music and a REAL screen door, put on since our last visit, for authenticity, and in honor of SUMMER’S a-comin’!

And when we got home, the site was still down, and I didn’t get it to work til late this afternoon. There were some lovely comments on yesterday’s post #400, and I so appreciate them, and will answer them properly tomorrow. It’s such an honor to be amongst such wonderful, kind people whose words and pictures and ideas and sheer talents brighten every day. I can tune in and find humor, color, bright sayings, little fun tips and trips and stories of families and work and spiritual journeys to inspire and amaze. I’ve had my heart touched and almost broken, my funnybone tickled, my eyes filled with glorious images, and my soul sent soaring through other people’s sharings.

The talent unleashed with every click of these buttons is astounding, and I’m just SO glad to be able to witness this wonderful world of blogging. I throw a few words out there as my offering, and get back reams and albums and blessings running over.

Thank Y’all SO much!


Keetha said...

"you’re getting there, but not today" - best definition of tolerable EVER.

I'd guess "tolerable" and "fair to middlin'" are interchangeable.

I'm so glad you had a fun lunch date. In honor of the 400th and of you just being YOU.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

In just a few days I have missed so much. You see what bothers me about blogging? I don't want to miss a thing...and I miss SO much...grrr..
This post was so very special. It is exactly what I just emailed you about! Exactly!