Friday, August 28, 2009


I have no chicken teapot, towel, statue, doorstop, tray, napkin or tablecloth to my name, yet I've immensely enjoyed today's Rooster Friday. I've looked in on many a bright colorful array, displayed in all sorts of ways, in welcoming arrangements and in everyday use.

And it's been great fun, though I feel like the party-crasher at the pitch-in who arrives with no covered dish, no casserole or wonderful dessert to set amongst the lovely buffet.

So, I thought I might just try offering a "little rooster" of my own, the only one I have, of a delightful little creature which inhabits the back patio, coming trustingly up to my feet to take a nut from my fingers. I looked up into the immense backyard tree last week, and could not immediately take in what my eyes were seeing---the tree seemed to be sporting a golden knot, where only old dark burls and a small dried limb had been before.

Then I saw her, taking the sun, in the ONLY sunlit space on the entire back lawn---she'd found the ONE bit of glow that had made its way down between those sixty feet of limbs and leaves, and was basking there, safe from neighbors' cats and free to snooze in the sunshine.

A little story-moral in golden fur: Take the Sunshine where you find it.


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Hi...Regarding the caramel pecan pie. You mix the caramel mixture in with the sugar/egg mixture. I could eat it out of the bowl just like that if not for the raw eggs. YUM

Kim Shook said...

We have a pair of "chipmonkeys" at work that I look for every day. I toss them Nabs and sesame sticks and chat with them until I'm sure the neighbors think I'm mad. They are my favorite rodent (I actually adore rodents)!

racheld said...

AWWWWW--chipmonkeys!! Rodents are my favorite pets---especially white rats with soft little pink ears.

I expect Chris to bring another PeePee home someday, when he thinks I need the company.