Thursday, August 13, 2009


I walked into this dark room at 5:30 this morning, and was struck by the color on the dining table---we'd just set down stuff any-which-way last night when we got back from Flea-Marketing with our friends. The red was unexpected punches of color in the dim light, so I grabbed the camera, shoved the things all together, and snapped.

The dress is for BabyGrand, and should fit her by Christmas; Chris picked it out and I remember how my Mississippi neighbor used to buy Polly Flinders for her little girl all the time. The little silverware was the one thing I was looking for yesterday, so she'd have a nice set here, and was the only one her size in any of the places we stopped. Just by coincidence, it is the same pattern as our set that we use most often. She's quite adept with her little plastic utensils, and the other day, I set down her lunch, and as I returned from the kitchen with my own plate and tea, I heard her say "Amen" as she reached for her plate.

And the Julia book---bought not because of the recent furor over the two J's, but because I'd never had one. I glanced through the pages with my first cup, and could imagine that strident, happy voice saying the words. This one just says "Copyright 1961" without any other printings listed, so I don't know when it was published, but I think that on the first, the three ladies were listed alphabetically.

My little water-jug that I carry in the car, and a tomato grabbed as we headed into the house---their red qualified them for inclusion, since they're a part of the nice day we spent together.

Tonight, everyone will having supper here---the four guests, BabyGrand and her parents, and the three of us. I'm about to go start a little cooking prep, and make a dish of bowtie gratin, ready for the oven, wash and tear some romaine hearts to toss with thin Vidalia, mandarins, craisins, sunflower seeds, and lime vinaigrette, a Caprese of all these wonderful tomatoes, with fresh Mozzarella and some of that shiny basil from the garden, and some lovely crook-necks and zucchini to go on the grill with the steaks.
I made the custard for the banana pudding yesterday morning, so it could chill before I assemble it today. I hope this will be a lovely dinner all together, and a good bon voyage to the friends who will be leaving early in the a.m.
It feels almost a farewell-to-Summer, somehow, this parting, like I always imagined closing out a Maine beach house would feel---that was the pinnacle of imaginary Summer experience to a Deep South child, those Maine Summers, especially the thought of spending day after day in a camp in the Northwoods. Screened porches and canoeing and swimming in a cold lake---what vacation could have been better? I have still to see Maine, and look forward to the someday.
For now, the here and now. And that's all right, as well.


Keetha said...

What a great snapshot. Love that.

Nail said...

Don't think you can just toss out "bowtie gratin" without telling us how to make it!

racheld said...

Busted. By my own sister.

It's really REDNECK Mac&Cheese, made with (I almost said farfalle) bowties---it's already done and in the bowl.

All right. My roots are showing. Cut 1/4 of a 2-lb. block of Velveeta into little cubes and grate 2 cups of medium Cheddar. Set aside. Open a little can of Pet milk, cut 1/2 of a stick of butter.

As soon as you dump the bowties in the colander, throw them back in the hot cooking pot. Pour in the Pet, dump everything else on top, cover it, and set it back on the stove (burner OFFFFF). Let it sit 5 or 10 minutes, stir really well to get all that melty goodness all mixed together, and pour it in a buttered baking dish.
Scatter some more cheddar on top if you want. Cover with foil, bake 10 at 350, take off foil, bake 10 more.

Or just heat it the heck up in the microwave.

You can refrigerate overnight, then bake---just be sure to bring to room temp if the pan's not metal or Corningware. From cold, bake 15/15.

Sis, could I have a word with you, over heeeeere?

Tonja said...

Have a great party all sounds great! Loved the 'reds', too!