Sunday, August 30, 2009


We're headed out right now to a Birthday Lunch for our BabyGirl----she's TWO!!

We're taking a basket of goodies---A Travel Aqua Doodle, a big puzzle-frame with wooden pieces which make any of six pictures, according to how they're arranged, several books, and a big pastel ball made of plastic lattice, easy to grasp and catch with tiny fingers.

Her Aunt Caro is taking her a book about Tinkerbell Tea, plus lot of goodies for her AAAAAARRRRRT---coloring books, sketch pads, some small felt-tip markers for her dry-erase boards, and a BOX OF 96!!!!

Do I have to explain what that IS??? I didn't get a Box of 64 til I had children, and bought it myself. We've got to get more Fridge Magnets---I see that now.

And there's a bright red Radio Flyer Trike waiting on the patio for tomorrow.

We're also taking Devilled Eggs, Bowtie salad with olives, two cheeses, peppers and dill, and some crabmeat rollups.

That and and all our blessings, including all that good company---who could ask for more?

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


Indy Cookie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BabyGirl!! I recently purchased my own box of 96 - under the guise that it was for "Mr Concweet" of course! Enjoy the day and give that baby girl an extra hug from Gams!

Cape Coop said...

Happy Birthday to your littlest princess!
I know that you revel in every joyous moent with her.
I bought myself a box of 96 a couple of years ago and we had so much fun with them! What an amazing pleasure.

Kouign Aman said...

We got that red radio flyer trike for the munchkin too. She could barely get on it, if someone held the tires braked. She peddled only with her toes. Now her cousin uses it.

Wishing you all a happy birthday.

sparrowgrass said...

Ninety-six!?!? Who knew? I am off to the Walmarts right now.