Monday, August 31, 2009


The Birthday Party was wonderful, with Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles and cousins, a lovely lunch, a fabulous Mickey Mouse cake made by the Party Girl's Mama, (PG finger-pinched and ate the nose right off Mickey while everyone else was seeing to getting lunch on the buffet).

Outcry from two cousins: She's eating his NOSE!!! as those small fingers continued to dip and nip and I moved over to remove her from temptation. Into her highchair, in her new blue party dress and bloomers, Mouse Ears bobbing as she ate bits of hot dog, cheesy potatoes, tiny bits of tomato and broccoli.

Loads of presents---that girl is gonna be a COOK, I tell you. Her Mammaw presented her with a tiny set of REAL stainless steel cookware---despite the diminutive size, I longed to get into that brand new Play-Kitchen from her parents and whip up a dish or two. And, of course, no little Southern girl can keep house without a black skillet, so her basket from Chris and me included a tiny three-inch model, already blackened and ready for cornbread and maybe one cathead.

But, as with every present opened, eager cousin-hands whisked the small pots and pans away, dragging a tightly-held colander or book from her tiny grasp, occasioning wails of dismay despite the next bright package set before her face.

Clothes, games, TWO Boxes of 96 from her Aunt Caro, with the attendant drawing pads and coloring books---one set for HERE and one for home. When all was reduced to a great litter of bright paper and the emptied clear plastic nestlings for all those toys and games, the cousins ran back out to the swings, and Baby Girl and I settled quietly onto the carpet with the WHOLE BOX of crayons dumped into the nice snap-lid carry-box so thoughtfully provided by AC.

We drew endless colorful murals onto the blank side of the enormous Play-Kitchen box, sitting or standing or crawling on the floor for best access and effect. The quiet time before Cake had a calming, cheering effect and the rest of the day passed in a happy blur of many small sandals running and sweet crumbs dropped and just one more small scoop from the big tub of Schwann's vanilla, as the blat of curly-horns and the spring of plastic Slinkys punctuated the lively party-air.

Another milestone, another moment in Time. Many many photographs snapped by her faithful Ganner, many presents and hugs, and WAY too much sugar. I'm not sure about Birthday Girl, but I came home and took a nap.

I'm awaiting her small, enormous presence any minute now; the oatmeal is warm in the pan, the toast skillet has a tiny knob of butter awaiting the kindle, and all is still in the house. For now. There's still that bright red Radio Flyer Trike waiting on the patio. I anticipate another lively day.

And so goes August. It's been quite a month, the apprehension of two surgeries for Chris, and the fading life of another dear older family member, as well as ups and downs of weather and temperature and energy and delight.

We've had quiet days and boisterous ones and the special joy of learning of a new life which will join our family in the Spring.

And tomorrow, September!


Kouign Aman said...

More Grandbabies! Hurray!

Tonja said...

What a timely reminder that as the months go, so go the years. Slipping by...too, too fast.

Loved hearing of the party. I just know she was a doll!

Keetha said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing that. I could well and truly see it and now I feel like I've attended a wonderful, birthday party.

Alice said...

Small children's birthday parties often bring a much different reaction to the one you wrote of, Racheld. Yours was full of love, carefully chosen presents, good food and the joy of being together as a family. Total delight.

Cape Coop said...

May you and your little one each have 120 years,and many many wonderful birthdays, Dear!