Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm smiling.

I know you've noticed that one of the blogs on my "favorites" list over to the right has been counting up the days, then weeks, then months without a post. I've wondered and worried about our friend Jon, whose bright wit and words of wisdom and praise gladden my heart every time he posts on MISSISSIPPI GARDEN or comments here.

He's been absent a LONG time. And as the counter clicked ever-upward, my heart grew sad with the wondering and the dread and the missing of his cheery presence and the beautiful garden scenes which he photographs in such majestic beauty.

The words "Two Months Ago," then Three, then Four, and the final-feeling "FIVE Months Ago," made my heart sink a little more with each rolling of the numbers. I'd inquired of Janie at SOUTHERN LAGNIAPPE and of MARTY KITTRELL, both of whom also live in Vicksburg, and neither knew anything of his welfare or whereabouts.

I actually hesitated to post another, "Hope you're back soon," or "Missing you," on the last post on MG, dated in February, for fear of coming across like one of those online looneys who fixate on a person or site and just won't quit.

And now, today, when I came in from out of this 75 degree sunshine on this First Day of August, there was a comment in the Drugstore post of Thursday, and Jon's familiar, friendly voice-if-not-face was right there, as if he'd just stepped in from a little time in the garden, as well, rather than such a long absence.

I'm just so pleased to have my friend back, and hope that this means he'll be up and around and taking photos and posting those lovely messages every day.

He and his talented hand and eye can be found at Y'all drop in, feast your eyes, and look back on the garden-through-the-year photos that he's posted. I know I certainly have, and will again.

Welcome Home, Dear Friend. You've certainly been missed.


Jon said...

Bless you for posting such a lovely "welcome back" online to me. It made me happy to read your generous compliments (but I did blush and say "Aw shucks").

Your blog is one of my favorites and I can see I have many treats on it awaiting me as I catch up on reading your posts from the past 5 months.

Thanks again for your kind words and welcome back.

Jon on 8-1-09

Nail said...

I'm so glad your friend has been found. I know how worried and sad you were....Happy Endings are so nice

Southern Lady said...

I can't think of a better "welcome back," for our friend Jon, Rachel. Your words expressed my sentiments perfectly, and I am SO glad he's back home. I wish him a complete and speedy recovery and look forward once again to his beautiful pictures and stories.