Saturday, June 6, 2009


It's been a BUSY day, from the time I opened my eyes after a couple of hours sleep (I just kept listening for our little one down the hall, here for a sleepover weekend). I stepped down the hall, opened her door, and she smiled a sleepy, rosy smile and reached for a hug. By the time we came down, Chris had the coffee on, and we just cuddled for a bit, getting acquainted with the day.

We met Alabama cousins at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, had a lovely couple of hours, and then they came home with us for a long chat out in the lawn chairs, whilst the lawn crew sorta worked around us, mowing and sweeping and collecting all the debris from this week's storm and my own pruning of several of the trees and shrubs.

The place is shaping up nicely for our proposed July fete (I feel so social using that word. I've read it and typed it, longed for the sweepskirt actuality, but have never used it for any doings of our own---it seems such a literary affectation for anything we'd do for ourselves, but there you are. I think Anne Shirley and Mrs. Bennet would agree across the miles and time that we deserve one, and one we shall have).

And now we've just got home from a lovely anniversary party for our DDIL's parents. We've hugged and talked and laughed, met new people and happily re-met the ones we've known. It's almost twilight, they served a lovely supper, and we're going to get out of these party clothes and into our jammies and watch an old movie on TIVO. Maybe an ice cream cone later.

Meanwhile, a party we cooked for a while ago---former fancies for promises of things to come:
The text with the photos will carry on, as I'm out of words. And steam.

moire non,

Tomorrow: Rollups and spirals and wraps, oh, my

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