Sunday, June 7, 2009


Chris is rather well-known amongst our friends and neighbors and all the family as being a genius of grill-cookery. And well he should be---he lets neither storm nor gloom of Winter snow stay him from his appointed grilling.

As we walked out through Sears after buying our wedding rings, yea these many years ago, he spied the grill display, and bought one immediately, calling it “Our first piece of furniture together.” When he came up here that long-ago October, stores had stored away their summer items, and he was so disappointed that the Walmart salesman sent him to his own house, where Chris bought theirs right off the patio.

And I’ve become quite adept at holding a big umbrella as he turns or bastes a grillful of chicken or ribs, keeping the rain or snow at bay, whilst dodging a great faceful of smoke. He’s a Pure-Dee dedicated Grill-Man, weather or no.

And, knowing how happy he is to grill anything, any time, I never hesitate to ask for some of his wonderful tenderloins or pulled pork or smoked turkey breast for even the daintiest of occasions. One all-pink-ribboned baby shower featured a huge bowl of pulled pork with all the buns, sauce, slaw arranged amongst the primpy curlicues and fancy salads and cakes.

Warm cornbread muffins with thick warm rounds of turkey breast, separated into the two lobes and sliced across the grain five minutes before serving with a little anointment of cranberry mayo, or lovely pink-to-rose slices of tenderloin, rare and warm, laid onto the cushion of a soft potato roll, with none but their own savory juices or a boat of béarnaise alongside---those get grabbed up fast as we can make them.

Guests love a pretty party, and are happily surprised to find such hearty, delicious items amongst prinky little sandwiches and tiny jewelbox cakes.

There’s something about approaching a buffet or party table, picking up a few bits from the crudite tray, a tiny sandwich, a cheese straw, a bit of fruit, and then seeing the trays heaped with small warm, roll-enclosed sandwiches of lovely aroma and wonderful tastes. No matter how formal the intent of a “tea,” people smile and help themselves, then settle at the table with more anticipation and enjoyment, somehow, when there’s a tray of something special and unexpected. And I’ve seen men, especially, who have not approached the occasion wholeheartedly, thinking all the froufrou a bit much, who enter right into things when they see those tenderloin or savory pork sandwiches. The sandwiches can be as pretty as the ones cut out with cutters and topped with frilly-carved cucumber. Anything can be small and attractively made---just make lots.

Just like guests of different temperaments and ideas, sandwiches of various kinds and flavors and temperatures are welcomed. And the ones from the grill, with the kiss of smoke and the taste and timing of an expert hand---those seem to be the most welcome of all.

Cornbread muffins or brioche/warm cross-cut turkey breast/cranberry mayo

Potato rolls or small croissants with rare tenderloin---bearnaise and jus on the side

Small buns with soy/garlic/ginger-marinated pork tenderloin and butter lettuce

Small biscuits with grill-baked ham---pineapple mustard on the side


Tonja said...

Reading yesterday's post and tiday's post has added about 10 pounds to the already ample me!

We love to grill, too. Food just tastes different that way!

Keetha said...

What a lovely ode to grilling. The Husband cooked out Friday night and Saturday night; I'm lucky indeed!

racheld said...

Keetha, it's lovely to have you back, and to see you referring to The Husband!!! I can't wait to see THE CHILD in his tux!

I linked the charming young woman in the blue Hanes His Way "bra" to another site I read, and they thought it was absolutely the tackiest thing they'd ever seen!!

Justabeachkat said...

Hi there! Thanks for your visit and comment this morning! I'm so glad you did because it led me here to your wonderful blog. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit through it and I'll be back. I've decided to "follow" you.


racheld said...

What a nice compliment!!! Thank you so much. I'm SOOOOO glad you're back!!!

It's lovely to be "followed" and I appreciate each and every one. It's like having a circle of old friends gathered in my home every day.