Saturday, June 20, 2009


Several people have mentioned that they are going to go all the way back to November and "start from the beginning." I'm pleased and flattered that so many of you take an interest. I love reading the comments, and if anyone cares to comment on any post, no matter how far back, this magic machine notifies me by e-mail, and I'll certainly read and respond.

Nothing is really in any chronological frame, and except for the chapters about the "Family Forest," there are no chapter numbers---but that can be read in any order, as well. The Capote post was the first of those, because from that picture of him with his time-worn aunt (who was most likely younger than I am now), I just took off on a tangent, bringing in who knows how many long-ago relatives.

Thank you all for your kind interest and the lovely words. I especially love the memories you relate, of things and places and times in your own lives that you're reminded of. It's a privilege to evoke such memories and an honor to share in them.



Anonymous said...

Each post is rather like reading a delightful little story. I started back in November and have read through more than once. Some things are for reading once and never returning. Yours are for reading, re-reading and savoring.

Maggie in Birmingham

racheld said...

Thank you, Dear Maggie. I'm honored that you would say that.