Sunday, June 21, 2009


I wish each and every one of you a Happy Fathers' Day and a Happy First Day of Summer!!


Nail said...

I wish you and your sweet hubby and glorious Father's Day. We are driving up to New Braunfels to have mid afternoon lunch/brunch meeting some of the kiddos halfway. Only wish we had our Daddy with us to make it perfect!

racheld said...

Me, too, Sweetpea. Our clan will gather here about 5, for Chris' grilled tenderloin, Mother's baked beans (Vi-eenies!) and mac & cheese (Pet milk) and spinach salad. Butterscotch pie, vanilla and German chocolate cupcakes with Blue Bunny for dessert.

Daddy would call that flingin' good food amongst 'em.

Give all my chillun a BIG hug from me!!! And one extra for your Dear Hubby.

RobinfromCA said...

Wow! You just made me really hungry!

racheld said...

It's the old heavy carb-laden Southern dishes that graced our Mother's table every holiday. No, baked beans were not your usual Thanksgiving fare, but that little hotel-half-pan would appear, sitting on the back stove burners, as we made our way around the enormous array of dishes arranged on the kitchen counters.

Salads and "green plates" came first, though we did not sit down to a salad course. There were little plates to get your cold things, then nice china for the hot dishes, but we usually made two quick trips and sat down to it all at once.

And the rule was: we had the blessing, standing around the table, holding hands. Then first-time guests or whatever honoree was present went first, and when you sat down, you should begin your meal, while things were hot and at their best. You'd have enough folks joining you in just a few minutes. This was at Mother's insistence, and so we did, and our own family does the same, especially when we have a bit crowd.

It's our only continuing thing, and all two dozen of us stand on that one small ceremony, all at once, like angels on a pin---amazing, ain't it?