Sunday, February 7, 2016


We’re having a little Unsuperbowl Party this afternoon---just a few snacks and some board games for a family get-together, so everyone can get home in time for THE GAME.

None of us are avid sports fans, but we do have a spot in our hearts for Peyton---our common Mississippi roots and his splendid career here in town with the Colts, as well as all his charitable work for Riley Hospital, have made him OURS in a way. 

We wish all the best today and in the future for this caring, giving, honorable GENTLEMAN, who just happens to be a genius in his field.  

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donna baker said...

Oh Rachel, I don't even know who is playing though I've heard of Peyton M. and Bruno Mars is performing at halftime. That is it. My entire knowledge of the Super Bowl. Would like some of those halftime snacks I keep seeing though. I am at the bottom of the list of sports fans. No interest in any sport. I don't know why I am like that. Maybe if my child was playing or something like that.