Thursday, February 25, 2016


I’ve missed mentioning a lot of the holiday and everyday gatherings, and this is the Sunday dinner for the celebration of our three January birthdays.

Ganner is the Grill-MASTER.

Crunchy veggies with two dips

Low-cooked Snap Beans with Baby Yukons.

Three-Cheese Shells:

We served for the first time on the new kitchen counter (see my luscious pink walls!), cause we needed both tables for the crowd.   And since I meant to serve the hot things from the stove, and moved them over for convenience, we served from my pretty pots.

The green stuff is Watergate Salad, as opposed to Green PINK Salad---a whole 'nother palate palette---and there are olives and pickled beets.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Mandarin/Romaine/Vidalia Salad

And a surprise for all the Kiddos:  A big pot of Ganner’s Summer-cut Cream-Corn, put in a big Tupperware and frozen the minute it finished cooking last July.   It was marked “January” so we could share it all together.

There was a big Red Velvet Birthday Cake with all three names, and Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

Thank goodness there were four lively GRANDS in the house, or I swear we'd have all gone to sleep in our chairs. 

And a link to PINK.


donna baker said...

Rachel, now that is a spread. More like a pot luck. Lucky birthday celebrants.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Yum! Happy January birthdays to those celebrating (and eating).

Kathy said...

So many good things on your table! Wish I could have been there. Never thought of freezing creamed corn. I'm going to have to try that.

BeachGypsy said...

Mercy that all looks delicious!! Loving that pink kitchen!!!

steelersandstartrek said...

Water. Gate. Salad.

OMG the music in that simple phrase brings back such wonderful memories! Whatever happened to Watergate salad? One would think it was outlawed or something. Definitely a lost art, my dear.

And C's ham looks as lovely as I know it tastes. Hooray for January parties!

bj said...

ummm...I just had Watergate Salad at a special Christmas party in was sooo good.
Ham is my favorite of all daughter in law cooks her hams in the crock pot and they are out of this world. I have a Bunco party at my house in April and I will serve Smoked Ham...not sure about sides yet. :)
What a cute pink kitchen.....xoxo

Jeanne said...

Hello dear Rachel, I am finally getting time to visit you. We have spent the entire week at our church packing donations for our upcoming bazaar. Our bazaar is in July but until then we take turns with five other teams packing for a week at a time. Life just takes over sometimes. Before that we were in Boone, NC with our children and college grands during spring break for a wonderful visit. I have missed you.

Thank you for your kind comment about Sally. She is finally without pain and is at peace. I promised Sally I would carry on with her Blue Monday Blog party. Yikes! Beverly is helping me set it up tomorrow.

Happy birthday to the January birthdays. I have to say your menu certainly looks delicious and would make any party a success. Chris makes an awesome ham and frozen home grown corn makes me yearn for that summer corn we love so much. When we visited my Aunt and Uncle in MI in the summer the sweet corn they had in their garden was so delicious. Our young son ate so much one time it made him sick. LOL. A peek of your beautiful 'pink' kitchen was a treat. All of the food looked lovely and served beautifully. We serve buffet style always. It is easier with a crowd.

I hope you are enjoying nice weather. We have Spring going already. Warm and lovely every day. It can still get cold and even snow but I hope not. Stay warm my dear friend.
Love, Jeanne

L. D. said...

Seeing this spread out of food really makes me hungry. Your walls looks so great.

Kim S. said...

Oh, MY! Chris’ ham is the best I’ve ever tasted! And I am on my way out the door to go grocery shopping and beans and potatoes are on my list now! And could you slip me the recipe for the dressing on that mandarin salad, pretty please? And the corn made me faint, I think. Thank you for sharing, my dear!