Friday, September 4, 2015


Down the stream beneath the trees, the fairies wash their clothes with ease;

A tiny spell, a bit of soap, which smells of charms and flowers and hope,

Then to the clothesline draping wide, where all the garments fey are dried.

And scarce a happen-byer knows, that what they’re gazing on is clothes.

Each purple swag holds dresses fine, as tiny blouses, pants entwine,

To pass for flowers or stems of grapes, they fool on-lookers with their shapes

Of fulsome fruitness, flowery blooms, instead of treasures from fey looms,

All stitched with moonbeams, needles gold, and gossen strands too fine to hold.

The wardrobes wee, of fragile cloths, with iridescent dust from moths

And drops from dew and minnow shine, spread gleaming high upon the line.

The purples, royals, and the pinks, of dahlia’s tears and lovers’ inks

In dyepots stirred with spell-whirled spoons, and hung to dry beneath Milk Moons.

The sea and sky lend fairest hues, and rainbow’s BIV spins varied blues,

Whilst trees and arbors, lushest dells contribute to the greening swells

Which spread across the lines for strength, in lush profusion length by length.

And yellow, orange, palest peach, all ride the breeze just out of reach

Of all save those whose provenance enables them to join the dance

Of garments magical and twee, of ribbons pressed on cricket’s knee,

Of robes and circlets, orbs, tiaras, entitling them for all tomorrows,

To wear the magic, shining bright, and yet, still be concealed from sight.

 Thoughts thrown out at midnight, for Janie's inestimable Wisteria Clothesline

And joining in with Beverly’s PINK SATURDAY.


Sylvia said...

Nice poem. I like wisteria, looks like clusters of grapes hanging down.

Jeannie Marie said...

What a charming idea, to see the wisteria as a clothesline for fairies! Beautifully told!

Southern Lady said...

Your awe-inspiring way with words never ceases to amaze, awe, entertain, and inspire me, Rachel. What a delightful way to begin my day with your lovely, whimsical poem. I'm sure I will always think of fairies now when I see wisteria blooms ... and YOU, my sweet faraway friend. Thank you.

Miss Merry said...

Oh my gosh, if I had that gorgeous fairy clothesline to stare at all day - I would be in heaven! so so so pretty

Chronica Domus said...

Utterly charming, every word! You are a master of poetry to be sure. I so enjoyed reading this delightful foray into the natural world that inspires you.

I have a mature wisteria in my garden that I look forward to seeing in bloom each spring. It is white, however, and not the expected purple, making it appear more like a snowdrift as its blooms are blown about in the wind.

Kathy said...

Oh I like this. Fairy clothes, huh? I never knew.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Simply magical, wisteria clothes-line....I want one please.

Ela said...

Wow ! Simply magical view !
Greetings !

LV said...

Wisteria grows in all different ways. I like this clothes line effect.

BeachGypsy said...

Did you write that?? Oh my....that is amazing!! So enjoyed it....most of all....cant wait to read this to my lil granddaughter!! She loves fairies and is so intrigued with them. We play fairy games all the time! This was perfect timing. Thank you my new friend!

BeachGypsy said...

ps....i love the pretty blooms here early spring and i always look foward to it

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Rachel. You lured me into a wisteria dream filled with dancers dancing to the lilt of flutes.

I must tell you my wisteria story. You see, we had no wisteria in southern Florida. When we moved here, I delighted in driving to and from work through Duke Forest. I felt like I was in a beautiful and magical sanctuary. I always drove with the car windows down when the weather allowed. I was enchanted by the sounds of nature.

One day as I was driving to work, a delicious scent floated in my car windows. It was exquisite, and I wanted to stop the car and continue to take in the delight. As soon as I got to work, I described it so I could find out what it was. Wisteria! I will love it forever and ever.♥ Just like I will love you forever and ever.♥

Jeanne said...

Hello dear Rachel, I adore the wisteria cloths line poem. The poem puts fairies and whimsical thoughts in my head. The photo is gorgeous and no wonder creative thoughts went wild when viewing these gorgeous flowers. We do not see much wisteria here but it grows like crazy in Atlanta.

I just read Beverly's comment and I am shocked at her very long comment. Your poem must have really touched her. Such a sweet story to share.

Do you have a lot of wisteria growing where you live?

Have a wonderful week.

Deanna said...

I love that poem. It puts me a in very good mood. I will think happy thoughts today :D

RobinfromCA said...

What a lovely poem! We had wisteria growing over our porch at a house we lived in many years ago. I still miss it!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a lovey poem and a charming photo! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a kind comment on my post about Country Sampler's Fall Issue. I currently have a post on their special Edition Autumn Decorating if you are interested.

Kim S. said...

Simply beautiful. What a gift you have, my dear. And how generous you are with it.