Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Woke up humming this song this  morning---it’s been mind-track background to everything I’ve done today.

Poignant, beautiful, and rendered by two of the absolute Marvels of Music.   You know how I am about WORDS.   These two can put them down, and SEND THEM OUT.

Besides---RAY.   WILLIE.   BOW TIE.


Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I have not heard music by Ray and Willie. I need to go to Google and see what I am missing. Beautiful pic to share. When someone wakes up humming and singing it reminds me of my father. He woke up singing every day. He was a happy man his whole life. I think I am like my father in that respect and feel blessed to be a happy person every day.

Wishing you happy days my dear friend. Today I am especially happy to have lots of time to visit my dear blog friends.


Kim S. said...

Willie can sing absolutely ANYTHING and Ray Charles is a national treasure.