Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Yesterday while Caro and I were out and about, we stopped for lunch at one of those Salad-bar places, and she requested an extra takeout container to fill for taking home.   After we’d finished our lunch, I went on out into the lobby to wait for her while she made her selections at the buffet.

The line was sparser, but still going through, and I looked down and across the divider to see the most beautiful child---a little girl of about three, with the most astonishingly-beautiful hair---just a shining waterfall up in a tight band---not a ponytail, somehow, but across the width of her head and cascading down way past her waist.  She reached up, several times, lifting it by the sides and letting it fall sumptuously through her little hands as if she luxuriated in that special gift she carried.   Almost exactly like this, except not in "made" curls---more a luxuriant ripple of small gleaming waves, and the young lady was much tinier.

Pinterest photo

She turned and we smiled at each other.    I said, “You look very pretty today.”    She ducked her head, looked up, smiled again.     Catching a glimpse of the two Disney characters on her tiny shirt, I said, “Oh, do you like Elsa and Anna, too?   We do.”

She held her shirt-front out from her body for a look, and grinned again.   “You know, we like them so much we had a FROZEN birthday party for my granddaughter,” I said.    Her Daddy had been smiling at the interchange, as she and I talked of the movie and the two sisters, and I went on to tell her about the party decorations and how much fun we had had.

He said,   “Her birthday’s tomorrow, and mine was yesterday”---then we got into the Happys and the “Mine was a few days ago, and Caro’s is Friday,”  with good wishes and general congratulations all around, like a bunch of happy Shriners at convention.       Isn’t it a marvel what just a smile among strangers will enkindle?

So, whoever you are, Beautiful Baby Girl----I wish you a Happy Birthday today, one as sweet as your smile.


Chronica Domus said...

What a lovely post, and wow, yes, I agree, adore the lush hair. One of my earliest memories was when I was about five or six years old, sitting on the floor, cross-legged during a story time session at school. I had sat behind a little girl with raven locks fashioned much as you describe of your little Elsa fan. I remember pangs of desire, wishing my boringly straight raven hair would become as magically curly as hers. To this day, I adore curly locks.

So happy you reached out and made a connection. Isn't that what life is all about?

GSL said...

What a lovely exchange Rachel and likely one that will stay with that little girl well into motherhood and grandmotherhood as she passes on that little slice of generous humanity.

Kathy said...

Oh how sweet! It really does make a difference just being nice to people. I hope the little girl had a great birthday.

Dorothy said...

Wow! That first picture looks like a little Princess Doll!